The Sad Clue That Jay-Z And Beyoncé Might Be Getting Divorced

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Just when we thought they were going to be okay.

It's no secret that lasting love is hard to come by in Hollywood. And while we're used to seeing celebrity couples come and go at a rapid rate, this year has proved that even the seemingly strongest matches can break. 

(FYI: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend if you're somehow reading this so help me God you better stay together for eternity). 

And it's looking like we might lose another set of our favorite lovebirds. A new report suggests that Beyoncé and Jay-Z might be heading for divorce. 

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The Daily Mail reported that Queen B has apparently inked over her matching "IV" wedding tattoo that she got with Jay in place of a ring when they got married. 

When they got hitched on April 4, 2008, they both inked the Roman numeral "four" on their ring fingers to signify their wedding date as well as their birthdays, which are both on the fourth of the month. 

Bey's fourth album was titled "4," Jay-Z's most recent album was titled "4:44" and their first-born child, Blue Ivy, even has "IV" in her name. 

In fact, on their anniversary this year, Bey shared a Tidal playlist called "IV Ever Ever."   

Since they first got married, Bey and Jay have had some rocky moments. She basically accused him of cheating her visual album "Lemonade," and he subsequently apologized for cheating with his album "4:44." 

Though things seem to be good between them since the birth of their twins, Rumi and Sir, a recent photo of Bey's ring finger has people questioning the state of their marriage. 

In a recent fashion shoot she posted on her website, you can see where the former "IV" tattoo has been inked over with a new mystery symbol. 

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The new tat could be the Gurmukhi letter "ra" the Coptic sampi, the Cyrillic capital letter "nje" or more simply a pitch and putt flag. 

The argument could be made that it's a symbol could also be for a Capricorn, which is Blue Ivy's zodiac sign, or that it's the Hindu-Arabic number "4," which still a sign for Jay-Z .

But that begs the question: why change it?

Sure their relationship has obviously shifted since the cheating scandal and the birth of the twins, but it seems like altering a permanent symbol of their marriage is a pretty big deal. 

When they first got the original tattoos in 2008, it seemed like it meant a lot to Queen B. 

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"People put too much emphasis on that," she said. "It’s just material and it’s just silly to me."

But in the nature of the couple, they love to send mixed messages and leave us guessing. Just today, Bey added some more photographs to her website that show her and Jay having a date night on a yacht. 

So who really knows what's going on. But if there's one thing that tattoo change made us sure of, it's that Bey may have forgiven Jay, but she certainly hasn't forgotten. 

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