How To Have A Blended Orgasm — The Most Elusive (And Incredible) Orgasm Possible

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What Is Blended Orgasm? (And How Women Can Have Them Without Feeling Pressured)

Without feeling pressured to achieve.

Blended: it's not just the title of a subpar family feature starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as they try to capture their earlier movie magic and fail miserably anymore!

Nowadays, you're more likely to hear this word applied to specific types of raw juices and, far more importantly, to orgasms!

Yes, blended orgasms are here, and they have women everywhere feeling more determined than ever to up their orgasm game...

I don't know about you, but that last sentence definitely made me imagine a stern-faced line of women frantically masturbating while trying not to appear obvious as they furtively glance around to see how it's going for the competition.

But that could just be me. In fact, it almost certainly is.

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Anywho, as the name might suggest, blended orgasms are any you have when brought about by simultaneously stimulating two or more different erogenous zones.

So say you're a woman who prefers to masturbate using a rabbit-style vibrator. You're probably already having blended orgasms on the regular without even realizing it.

For those not in the know, rabbit sex toys have critical features — a dildo-shaped base for vaginal stimulation and a set of "bunny ears" for clitoral stimulation. So the whole point of this classic sex toy's existence is based on the theory that twice the intensity of stimulation to twice as many erogenous zones will make for a better female orgasm, AKA, a blended one.

Of course, your body includes additional areas that can be stimulated in order to bring you to orgasm as well. It ain't all just a vulva-adjacent party, ladies, even if 70 percent of women report their orgasms arrive mainly due to clitoral stimulation.

Women also have been blessed with a G-Spot, an A-spot, and nipples.

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Blended orgasms incorporate multiple erogenous zones and, according to their fans, last longer and feel much more intense than do orgasms arising from stimulation of one solitary location. 

And now that you know what these little gifts from heaven are and how to experience one for yourself, I just need to say... ENOUGH ALREADY.

As a woman, I already feel plenty of pressure when it comes to my orgasms.

If I can only orgasm when my clitoris is stimulated and I constantly receive the message that I'm missing out on "better" orgasms, so I should pursue G-spot orgasms or A-spot orgasms or nipples orgasms or blended orgasms, what's next? X-spot orgasms? Where does it stop and how far into my own womb must I reach in order to land upon the magical no man's land that is orgasm nirvana?

I understand that women, as a gender, are still playing catch-up when it comes to embracing our sexuality, our bodies, and everything wonderful they are capable of, including having amazing orgasms, but sometimes the pressure of it all just feels way too intense (pun not intended). 

Why do my orgasms as they manifest now need improving?

If however my partner and I make them happen brings me joy and satisfaction, why can't that be enough?

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To be honest, sometimes when I read about new or rare ways for women to experience sexual pleasure, I find myself thinking it's some kind of secret attempt to keep us from ever being truly at peace with our bodies. While I don't doubt that having a blended orgasm is a ridiculously hot experience, the plain and simple fact is that your particular orgasms, in whatever form they take, are good enough.

You don't NEED to squirt or orgasm multiple times in a row for an hour at a time or figure out how to have orgasms from nipple play.

Find what works best for YOU and run with it. 

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