The Truth About How Removing All Of Your Pubic Hair Can Seriously Injure You

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How Shaving Or Waxing Your Pubic Hair Can Lead To Major Injuries, According To Grooming Study

Based on a study.

By Anka Radakovich

Ever wonder how many people hurt themselves while shaving their pubes? We didn’t either. But apparently, a group of researchers at University of California, San Francisco, did.

Their study, called “Prevalence of Pubic Hair Grooming — Related Injuries and Identification of High-Risk Individuals in the United States,” asked the burning question: “What are the prevalence and clinical correlates of injuries among U.S. adults who groom pubic hair?”

In other words, “How many people accidentally hurt their lady bits/junk while chopping down their pubes?”

Out of the 7,570 people between the ages of 18-65 who responded to the survey, 76.1 percent turned out to be at-home pubic hair groomers.

About a quarter of the respondents (25.6 percent) said they have hurt themselves while shaving. The most common injuries were cuts (61.2 percent), burns, (23 percent), and rashes (12.2 percent).

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The survey also found that people are most likely to injure themselves when they lie on their backs or let someone else doing the shaving for them. So as sexy as it sounds to some, you might want to consider just saying no to the age-old question, “Honey, may I shave your bush?”

You may be asking yourself what exactly the reason for this study may have been.

According to JAMA Dermatology, the medical journal in which the results of this study were published, the researchers wanted to “identify demographic and behavioral risk factors associated with pubic hair grooming-related injuries and develop recommendations for safe grooming practices. The study may contribute to the development of clinical guidelines for safe pubic hair removal.”

So it seems that such future guidelines will likely include “After two drinks, please shave your pubes or allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to do it for you.”

The study also found that “waxing in women may protect against high-frequency injuries, although more research is necessary to confirm this finding.”

Tell me about it! I once had a bikini wax with was that was WAY too hot, and my “little lady” felt like I'd been sunburned for two days afterward. I have five words for you: ice-pack-and-cortisone-cream.

The study went on to state that, “People groom their pubic hair for different reasons, including sexual appeal, oral sex, partner preference, or routine care and hygiene.”

It also included a “heat map” showing the percentage of injuries per specific body parts.

For dudes, the scrotum hurt most often (67.2 percent), followed by the penis (34.8 percent), and the pubic mound (28.9 percent).

Lady bits injured the most frequently were the pubis (51.3 percent), inner thigh (44.9 percent), and the vagina (42.5 percent), followed by the perineum/butthole (13.2 percent).

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The one aspect of pubic hair grooming that the study didn’t focus on was the issue of ingrown hairs — by far the biggest problem when it comes to shaving one's private parts. An ingrown serum called Fur has reached cult-like status with ladies who like to keep their womanhood feel non-razor bumpy even on those days after regrowth has begun.

According to the serum’s packaging, here is how the key ingredients work:

  • Coconut oil softens the skin and trapped hair so ingrown hairs slide out.
  • Tea tree oil helps clear pores and minimize ingrown hairs.
  • Antimicrobial Tamanu oil promotes healing of delicate skin
  • Regenerative chamomile extract soothes skin and is both anti-inflammatory and calming.

Wishing you all a ”smoove” shave.

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