People Are Painting Vaginas On Their Nails, Because Why Not?

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people are painting vaginas on their nails

It's the most non-basic nail art you can try right now.

There’s a new, fleshy nail art trend that’s rocking Instagram right now, and the Internet can’t stop freaking out about it. Aptly named “vagina nails,” the trend is pretty self-explanatory — one (or all) of the nails are painted to resemble female genitalia.

Of course, if you have ever tried to draw a vagina (like I have) and ended up with something that looked more like an oval-shaped donut with sprinkles, you can probably imagine the insane level of artistry that’s required to bring each particularly graphic vulva to life. 

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Granted, the Internet should’ve really seen that people are painting vaginas on their nails coming. Earlier this summer, tampon nail art was actually a thing, with little strings dangling from blood-red manicures. And while vulvas are really the body part of choice to rock on front-and-center on your hands, penises, breasts, eyeballs, and expletives are starting to make their way into the trend, too.

The designs range from real-life to abstract to pop-art: 

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Although the vast majority of vagina-owners have probably never taken a gander at their privates and thought, "Wow, this would go great with those shoes I bought!" the final outcome is, dare we say, adorable?

It’s completely NSFW, but hey, you might be able to convince Sharon in accounting that the rippled, pink thing protruding from your ring fingernail is a rose. 

A few things to remember before hitting up the manicurist with a photo of your own genitalia in hand. For those of us who spaced out during our human anatomy courses in school, the art in question are vulvas, not vaginas.

And before you go out and rock a set of clitoris-adorned acrylics in hopes of supporting the feminist or pu**y power movement, remember that having a vagina doesn’t always equate to womanhood. Try not to disclude trans folk in your crusade. 

Check out the video below for information about Asa Bree, a nail artist who paints vulvas onto her clients' nails.


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