9 Sneaky Things He Does To Get You Into Bed (That You Don't Even Realize)

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things he'll do to get you in bed

Yes, he'll try to look cool to get you naked.

The reality is we all have strategy, whether we are looking to bed someone, date someone, or make him or her a "bed buddy." We're all putting our best foot forward to impress someone, whoever he or she may be.

So even if he is madly in love with you or just in love with your body, there are things he'll do to get you in bed and undressed so he can have his way with you. It's all in his master plan, no matter how genuine he is.

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Here's what men think about getting you to have sex with them and the techniques they'll use to get you there. Names are dropped to protect the innocent who really are, for the most part, innocent. Wink.

1. The Lady Bartender Trick

"I like to take her to a bar near where I live… one where the lady bartenders know and love me!"

Hey, the voucher from another lady doesn't hurt.

2. The Performer Way

"Taking her to see me perform so I look cool!"

Are you impressed by a performer? It can be very hot.

3. The Spot

"Every woman has a place she loves to be touched — a shoulder, a cheek, or some G-rated place that brings out X-rated thoughts. The key is finding out what that place is and going for it."

4. The Naturalist Approach

"I'm terrible at this. I have no tricks, lines or plays. And if I ever tried one, I would feel so disingenuous and fake that I would blow it. So, my only approach with women is to rely on my natural style. I'm very open and honest and I'm a good conversationalist and storyteller."

5. The Interest Route

"If I'm genuinely interested in her, I listen well and take an interest in her and what she likes to do."

If he learns about what you love, it's attractive.

6. The Belly First, Bed Second Method

"I'm surprised at how many women are surprised and turned on by the fact that I can cook. It's like an instant aphrodisiac! I've even developed a full course meal that usually does the trick. Watermelon salad with feta cheese to start. The main course is scallops wrapped in bacon, along with sautéed spinach with butter beans and yams seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. The final touch is dessert: a plate of strawberries with stems cut so they stand up straight on the plate, topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate drizzle. I have never made it all the way through to dessert."

Sometimes, the best way to a woman's pants is through her stomach.

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7. The Time Strategy

"The things he'll do to get you in bed are specific to the individual. Spending time with someone allows you to know what she likes and what you like to do with her. That attraction and unspoken communication take time to develop. "

8. The Jokester/Songster Trick

"Sometimes, I'll make a lot of jokes or even show off by singing. So, singing songs, I guess."

A good voice can melt hearts (or panties?) and so can a good laugh.

9. The Stare Down

"I let myself get caught staring. Not at their body because that's just creepy, but at their face, eyes, lips. I let myself get caught and then do a double-take and act a little embarrassed as though I just couldn't help myself because I was mesmerized by her beauty. It's almost always true anyway. I wouldn't do that to someone who wasn't actually attractive, but by letting myself get 'caught,' it lets them know that I'm interested but in a way that's as if they discovered a secret and then they can do what they want with that, whether it's signal back that I should proceed or dissuade me from taking it any farther."

It's sophisticated and can give you the chance to give the man the thumbs up or thumbs down. Or shall we say panties up or panties down?

For more information on what men really want in bed, check out the video below:


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