9 Signs The Man You're Sleeping With Is A TERRIBLE Person

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signs he's terrible in bed

And doesn't deserve your sex.

Let’s be real here: Sometimes no-strings-attached sex is much, much better when you know as little about them as possible. The less you know about someone, the less at risk you are to get into your feelings and make things complicated.

However, while slumming it is fine every now and then, you’re too good to share your body with straight-up trash. If your D*ck Appointment Host exhibits any of these red flags, it’s time to hit the market for a new one because this guy is the f*cking worst. Now, these aren't necessarily signs that he's terrible in bed — just terrible at life.

signs he's terrible in bed and is also a pretty bad person, too.

1. He categorizes people into "alphas" and "betas."

Oh my GOD, there are few things stupider than believing that complex, nuanced humans can be easily divided into two separate categories and that one is somehow superior to the other. The types of people who perpetuate this idiocy usually identify themselves as “Alphas” and then go out of their way to prove it to anyone they come in contact with, which is not only immature and exhausting but also reeks of insecurity. Gross.

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2. He thinks jokes about sexual assault are funny.

First of all, if your humor is predominantly based around hateful, ignorant, or generally offensive tropes, then you’re not actually talented at humor. This goes double for finding jokes about sexual violence at all worth laughing at or repeating. Next time he tries that crap, ask him to explain to you why he thinks it's funny; there’s no way he can do it without sounding like trash.

3. He has kids and he couldn't care less about them.

There are plenty of decent dudes who happen to also be fathers, even if things didn’t work out with their baby mama, so just because a man has kids, it’s no reason to write him off. However, if he has kids and can’t get his life together enough to even be present for them, he’s garbage. Full stop.

4. His attempts to compliment start with "You're pretty for a..."

Ugh. No matter how you end that sentence, the sentiment just illustrates his disdain for anyone in that group where he’s classified you, which means he’s already put you on a lower level than himself in his mind. Even if he says, “You’re smart for a pretty girl,” it’s still an ignorant backhanded compliment that illustrates what a condescending assh*le he is.  

5. His identity is based on his love of weed. 

We all knew kids in high school who just discovered how much they love weed and wanted to tell the world about it, but after 20 years old, nobody’s impressed that you’re capable of smoking yourself up like literally any other adult can at any point. A joke about Mary J here and there is okay, but if he’s got nothing else in his life worth doing than celebrating ganja, you should leave solely on the basis that it’s wrong to have sex with adolescents.

6. He’s mean to animals.

No. Nope. Do I really need to clarify this? Cruelty to animals is one of the red flags forensic psychologists use to profile serial killers. Come on. 

7. He can't stop promoting himself.

Nothing screams “Hey, I hate myself!” more than someone who constantly extols his virtues to anyone who will listen. If someone is genuinely awesome, he’ll show you that instead of feeling like he needs to tell you about it nonstop. Real, self-assured confidence is sexy, but aggressive boasting is just insecurity soaked in desperation.

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8. He’s rude to people who work in the service industry.

You can tell a ton about someone based on how he treats those who are paid to help. If he treats servers, housekeepers, or flight attendants like subhumans who should be grateful to serve him, he’s a piece of sh*t. And going out with him makes you look bad, too. Get out of there to cut down on the human spit content of your meals.

9. He gets aggressive toward anyone who doesn't enable his BS. 

Entitlement comes in many forms, including the belief that everyone in the world is here to cater to your personal whims and facilitate every single one of your beliefs. Any guy who flies off the handle when he’s even slightly contradicted is a self-loathing moron who needs to get a grip.

Being able to hear opposing viewpoints or even criticism and responding without ego is a sign of maturity. And, girl, why would you let anything less than a man who can handle himself like an adult inside of you?

Think you're good in bed? Think again. Watch the video below for the signs that you're actually terrible at sex:


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