8 Truly Bizarre Things You NEVER Knew About A Man's Penis

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weird facts about penises

All penises used to be clitorises.

If a friend has ever confided to you that her and her boyfriend were giving Reverse Cowgirl a try and she broke his penis, she could be exaggerating. But it's also possible she's not. Penis fractures do happen, but usually when erect and during particularly adventurous sex positions. How wild is that?

That's just one fun fact that we learned about the penis, but there are so many more weird facts about penises. Another of our favorites? Every penis started out as a clitoris, and there's usually a lot more to the penis than you see on the outside of the body. That's why when a guy loses weight or just grooms better, his piece looks so much bigger.

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Is your mind blown yet? You haven't seen anything yet. Check out these 8 incredibly weird facts about penises you probably didn't know... until now.

1. There is almost as much penis inside the pelvic area as the outside.

This part of the penis anchors the penis internally.

"Massaging or lightly grabbing this portion behind the base of the penis can be arousing. Because of this, for every 20-30 pounds a man loses, he is said to gain 1 inch of penis length," says sex educator Tiffany Yelverton.

2. Men can do Kegels, too.

"Men can improve their erections and ejaculatory trajectory by strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. The penis and the clitoris are the same tissue and develop as the fetus develops. However, the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and the tip of the penis only has 4,000. The foreskin (in an uncircumcised man) can slightly increase the girth of the penis when erect," says Yelverton.

So, yes, men can indeed strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, just like you.

3. Fetuses and babies get erections.

How wild is that? It's weird but true. Male fetuses get erections while still in the womb. Now, that would be an awkward sonogram...

4. Trimming pubic hair makes a penis look larger.

"A well-groomed pelvic region can make the penis appear longer," says Yelverton. The secret is trimming the pubic hair in a way to create an optical illusion. Don't go too far, though. A completely bald one will have the opposite effect!

5. Penises can break.

A penis fracture can only happen when he's erect, usually during aggressive masturbation or intercourse.

"A common way this can happen is from a woman on top position. There is an audible crack or pop, and obvious pain when the fracture occurs. He'll need to go to the hospital for an x-ray where it will be determined if surgery or just a splint is needed," says Antonia Hall, MA., psychologist, relationship expert, and sexpert.

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6. All penises were once a clitoris.

"When in the womb, every penis is first a clitoris before hormones initiate the physical change," says Hall. "Orgasm is a function of the brain. Ejaculation is a physical process involving an involuntary contraction that happens in the prostate and urethra."

7. There are two types of penises.

"The 'grower' expands and lengthens when it becomes erect, which makes up over three-quarters of all penises. The 'shower' appears large most of the time, and doesn't get much bigger when erect," says Hall.

8. Orgasm and ejaculation are two different physiological processes.

While an orgasm is a function of the brain, ejaculation is actually a physical process.

9. French men have the largest penises.

If you love a well-hung man, grab your passport.

"The French penis is reported to be larger than any other nation with an average size of 6.2 inches," says Hall.

Now that you know penises can break, check out the video below for more cringe-worthy facts that men won't like:


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