How Guys Really Feel About Your Sex Toys

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what men think about women's sex toys

Is your dildo too big?

When you masturbate using a sex toy (or sex toys, if you're something of a sexual MacGyver) you know that what you're doing is very different from having sex with a partner.

And it should be!

Masturbating is like scratching an itch. You're hoping to make yourself feel good, have a solid orgasm, and call it a night. 

When you bring sex toys into the bedroom with you and your man, you aren't doing it because you think less of him sexually or because he's not pleasing you.

You're doing it because you love the sex you guys are having, you love his penis, and you can't wait to find new ways to up the ante! 


It's like eating vanilla ice cream your whole life and then discovering you can put cookie dough inside that ice cream.

You don't hate the ice cream, you just found something that complements it! 

But try telling that to the ice cream.

I have found that regardless of the penis size of the men, some guys get weird when it comes to incorporating sex toys into the bedroom.

I talked to my friends and found out that I wasn't the only one who found this. 

So I decided it was time to stop being coy and ask the men I know how they REALLY feel about bringing sex toys into the bedroom, and boy howdy did I learn some things. 

  • “I think it cheats me (and her) of my ability to learn her specifics to bang her the best way possible for both of us.”
  • “As long as her sex toy isn't "Chad from work," I don't care.”
  • “My penis may be a particularly spectacular example but it can't vibrate, its head doesn't rotate and it doesn't have bunny ears which slip inside her hood to vibrate her clitoris. I get it.”
  • “Sex toys can (and should) be incorporated into a couple's sex life.”
  • “Toys aren't a replacement, they are an accessory. Have you ever had your penis pleasured orally while using a vibrator and your tongue on your woman? Oh man, nothing gets me off better than watching her shiver with ecstasy! I think I need to run to the store for fresh batteries!”
  • “Because society puts a lot of pressure on men to perform sexually. Not only adequately, but to have a great bod and a huge penis and last longer and this and that. It causes men to get very uptight when they are seen as "not being enough" for their woman. What's wrong with them if their partners need external stimulation to get off?”

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  • “I for one like it. I've only had one girlfriend that would masturbate in front of me on a regular basis. I found it hot and I think she got a bit irritated that I would orgasm faster watching her touch herself than when we actually had sex.”
  • “Ex of mine had several toys. [I] bought a Fleshlight to use while she was not available, and you would have thought she caught me with her sister in bed.”
  • “If you can't give her an orgasm — then how would it feel when a bit of plastic succeeds?”
  • Feelings of being inadequate and other insecurities. It goes both ways. If your BF pulled out of you during sex and broke out a sex toy to finish off, you might be a little upset.”
  • “Guys get freaked out for the same reason that a lot of women are insecure about their boyfriends watching porn.”
  • “I don't mind a girl using a vibrator to get off. It's when emotional attachment gets involved that I start getting upset. When she says something like, she loves her vibrator, That's when I start going: "WHOA, not cool." Or if I ask her what she did last night she tells me she just stayed in and just watched a movie with her vibrator.”
  • “We think you'll like it more than us.”
  • “I'm fine with her using sex toys, but the size of the sex toys can be kind of intimidating. I don't have the smallest penis, but I have yet to see a toy made for insertion that is the size of my penis. They are always thicker, well unless it's a butt plug.”