5 Ways To Turn A Guy On By Making The First Move

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How Turn On A Guy When You're Desperately Craving Some Hot Sex

Even if it's been a long, long time since you last got busy...

Every relationship experiences dry spells during which sex just isn’t happening often enough for your insatiable libido. You want it and you want it bad, but your man isn’t making any moves.

I hear too many women complain about their man not having sex (or not having enough sex) with them. They want it more, but sometimes they don't feel sure how to turn a guy on or at other times may be too shy to ask for it.

What can you do to remedy this situation and remedy it quickly?

Take the initiative into your own hands.

There's no rule that says women cannot or should not initiate sex. In fact, men love it when women just go for it and make it happen. Confidence arouses your partner (and is awesome for you too!), so a sexy woman climbing all over a man knowing what she wants will almost always result in climactic satisfaction.

Don’t be bashful. Fear of rejection may be holding you back, but trust me, the last thing a man will do is deny himself — especially when it’s offered to him on a platter.

Taking the initiative here is also empowering. Utilizing your sexuality will bring your sex life immediately back to the honeymoon stage. It's time to take control, my friends.

Here are just five sexy foreplay suggestions that will get your man just as ready (if not even more so) as you are to dive into a super hot encounter between the two of you:

1. Get sexy.

The evening is winding down and you and your partner are going about your nighttime routine. Instead of grabbing your cotton granny underwear and wearing an ill-fitting. stained t-shirt to bed, put on some sexy lingerie and fishnets.

Once you enter the bedroom, your man will go from flaccid to erect in ten seconds or less. And not only will it turn him on, you’ll also be feeling extra sexy knowing that you look super hot!

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2. Sext him.

It’s 8 AM on a Monday and you just booted up your computer at work. You feel a low hum in your slightly engorged down-there regions because you want him so bad. After all, it’s been a while. Enough of the subtle hints, mama needs the D. Here’s an easy remedy.

Simply whip out your phone and text him these words: “I want you."

That’s it. You’re guaranteed a quick response that will lead to a mind-blowing sex-a-thon later that night. Men can’t resist an eager woman, so never hesitate to sext your partner at any time of the day. If you’re feeling super naughty, send a nude along with the message. You’ll go on a mini ego-trip once your guy sends you a pic in return. And yes, this counts as foreplay!

3. Touch him.

One thing women forget is that it isn't difficult to get a man wanting you. Men are visual creatures and respond to stimuli quickly. You’ll get to cop a feel and get yourself going with a rub down while he begins to harden. Softly rub his chest while talking to him and it will alert his primal instinct. A whisper in his ear with your lips grazing him will turn him on. And reaching around from behind will let him know you mean sexual business.

The end result will be an excellent romp in bed.

4. Touch yourself.

There are several ways to pull this off when you want to get down and dirty with your man, but here is one tried-and-tested option. While he’s just drifted off into la-la land, start rubbing and pleasuring yourself while moaning closely next to him.

Once he wakes up from his stupor he will want to be buried deep inside of you. And the added perk to this indirect method of initiation is the quick orgasm for you, since you’ve already got yourself halfway there.

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5. Get a mouthful.

One surefire way to excite your man is to give him a blowjob while he’s fast asleep.

Just take his penis, place it gently in your mouth and start sucking softly at first as you don’t want to startle him awake, but once you feel him start hardening in your mouth, then you can start sucking from the tip of his head, down to the base.

(Note: Only do this if wake-up blowjobs are something you’ve discussed in the past and your partner has given them the go-ahead!)

This will definitely lead to some hot sex that will keep you, and him, satisfied for days.

Each of these suggestions has been tested by yours truly and worked magically.

Take advantage of their primal urges and utilize your sexual prowess and feminine wiles to get what you desire. Show enthusiasm, never be embarrassed, be extremely creative, and don’t over think it.

And, most importantly, never fear that you will be rejected. If you try these tips to satiate your yearnings and your man still doesn’t react, it’s worth talking about with your him to see what is going on. After all, there are plenty of other eager and willing men out there just waiting to be with you.

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