5 Times It's Perfectly OK For You To Fake An Orgasm

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fake an orgasm

Seriously. You're allowed.

Hey, guess what, men who hate it when we fake our orgasms?


Nothing drives me more bonkers than a man who gets pissy about women faking orgasms.

Guess what, you run the free world, make more money than we do, and have more rights:

So leave our sexual responses alone.

I don't get why men care! 

You're getting laid! We're having a good time! Or maybe we aren't, I don't know, but you are still getting laid. 

If a woman decides that faking an orgasm is the way she has to go in a given sexual encounter, that's her prerogative! 

If something as foul and dangerous as "stealthing" can be a new sexual trend, women faking an orgasm whenever they damn well want to shouldn't even have anyone batting an eye! 

Our orgasms are not proof that you are a sex god. They don't mean your penis is a divine gift. It means we had an orgasm.

That's it. 

If you're a woman and you want to fake an orgasm, there are times it is absolutely okay to do just that, no matter what anyone else might tell you.

I've picked my top five reasons for faking an orgasm and shared them below, but these are just five out of five million!

Every single reason you have to fake an orgasm is good, provided it is your own decision and one that is making you happy. 

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To the list! It's OK to fake an orgasm when ... 

1. ... you're in a rush. 

There is more to sex than having an orgasm! 

Sometimes I have sex, and orgasm isn't even on my mind. 

Sometimes it's just for that quick connection, that reminder of my bond with my partner. 

If you guys have five minutes and you want to have sex and you don't want to have explain how sex is about more than having an orgasm to your partner when he could just be tearing off your panties with his teeth, fake an orgasm. 

2. ... you're trying to get pregnant. 

Guys actually have better sex when they think their partner has had an orgasm. 

If you're trying to get pregnant, faking an orgasm can actually help convince your partner that you have more "need" for his sperm.

That "need" message sends another message, a message to produce more healthy semen. 

Fake away! 

3. ... you're tired. 

He wants to get freaky, but you want to get sleepy?

Fake an orgasm.

Seriously, he won't know, his ego won't be bruised, and you guys can both get to bed on time.

Dudes lie about everything. You want to lie about being sexually fulfilled in order to get eight hours instead of seven? Be my guest. 

4. ... it isn't gonna happen.

He came hours ago and now your genitals are going numb at his lackluster oral skills?

Can you only come thanks to cervical orgasms and he isn't providing?

Fake it, kick him out, order a pizza, watch Body Heat and get the job done yourself with your favorite sex toy.

It's not lying to tell a random hookup that you came. It's just good manners, particularly when neither of you wants to be all up in each other's bits anymore. 

5. ... you don't want to talk about it anymore. 

I think it's amazing when a dude is sensitive, loving, and attentive in bed. 

I love it when he asks about where to touch you, and how. 

But sometimes, in spite of his best efforts, it can feel like you are driving in circles.

You start to feel less like a woman being fucked and more like a piece of Ikea furniture that just isn't being put together the right way. 

You wanna fake it? You go right ahead! 

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6. ... you've never had an orgasm. 

When you have an orgasm, your muscles contract.

When you fake an orgasm, you are faking the contraction of those muscles.

You know how you go to the gym and add a little bit of weight and then a little bit more? You're training your muscles.

The same with faking it.

If you can't have an orgasm, but you perfected faking it, you're actually training your body to HAVE an orgasm. 

Swear to god, this is how I finally had one! 

Basically, if you want to fake having an orgasm — go ahead and fake it! It's your body and your sexual experience, and while making your partner happy can be a huge part of that (and there's not a thing wrong with it), you need to prioritize your own needs in bed. 

If that means faking it, so be it!