Husband Asks Wife To Leave Fruit In Her Vagina So He Can Eat It Later

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vagina fruit

"Vagina fruit" might be the next big sex trend.

This guy must be really trying to get in his daily vitamins. And his wife must be an expert at Kegels if she’s able to keep produce up there all day.

Posting about their new sex fetish on Reddit, one couple takes eating healthy to a whole new level:

Quick back story, our relationship hasn't been quite ideal, and in hopes of trying to save it, and spark some flames, I agreed to do whatever my husband wanted to help spice things up again. Recently, he asked me to stick different things in my vagina, like apples, pears, carrots, etc.. and keep in there all they so that he could eat them at night when he came home from work.

I have gone along with it, thinking it would be something like a one-time thing or so, but it's been almost two months, and he shows no signs of wanting to stop. I am not sure if anyone else has done this, and if so, what was your experience? One of my concerns is his and my health  can this make him or I sick? The fruits we buy are organic, and I spend a good deal cleaning them thoroughly.

They’ve been testing it out and it seems to be going pretty well. She will insert apples, pears, and sometimes carrots into her vagina and let them stew in there all day. When her husband comes home, he will eat his before-dinner snack... right from her lady parts.

Yum. This vagina fruit sounds like quite the feast.

Apparently, this little routine has been going on for two months, and like most modern people do, the wife headed to Reddit to ask about some potential health concerns. Because we all know we would rather tell complete strangers about our potentially health-harming sexual habits instead of our doctors.

She wanted to know if this dining practice could make her or her husband sick. However, she didn't fail to mention that she uses only organic produce and makes sure to wash each item before stocking them up her snatch.

The commenters in the r/sex section of Reddit warned her that this vagina fruit practice will end up in a yeast infection (hey, it would kind of be like one of those cottage cheese and fruit packs that are sold in the dairy section of the grocery store, no?) and that she should be careful.

One of the people who commented claimed to be a health practitioner, and said that this sex act will certainly end up in infection territory. However, they said that they are not a gynecologist and that this sort of thing has never actually been studied.

It seems to me that practitioner or not, this commenter is just using good old common sense.

The doctor did give some solid advice though, like leaving the produce in for under 12 hours to avoid toxic shock syndrome. He also said that the couple should use condoms or plastic wrap to avoid bacteria and yeast or to choose produce with super-waxy skin like apples and cucumbers.

Hopefully, this produce-packing woman takes the Reddit advice and takes care of her vagina. If she hasn’t had an infection in the two months that she and her husband have been experimenting, maybe it’s OK.

Who knows. But I’m cool with her being the guinea pig for the world instead of trying it out myself. I love fruit, but I would much rather have it in a salad than out of a vagina.