5 Reasons Your Man Has More Orgasms Than You — And How To Fix It

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why men have more orgasms than women

Don't fall into the orgasm gap.

I am a well established horny pervert, but I definitely have fewer orgasms than any of my male sex partners. 

It's not because I'm frigid and it's not because they weren't good in bed. My current boyfriend should give sex lessons, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal in the state of New York.

The truth is, like so many other women on planet Earth, I've fallen into the orgasm gap, and it's all because of the way we look at women's bodies and how they work when it comes to sex.

This article won't be a biology lesson. I'm going to assume that you already know how sex works (there are holes, things go in them). 

Instead, I'm here to share a statistic: Men have three times more orgasms than women do. So let's break this bad boy down and try to get the bottom of why men have more orgasms than women. 

There are a combination of factors, both physical and sociological that explain why men have more orgasms than women. Luckily this is a solvable problem for every orgasm-loving person out there. 

Now, let's slay this dragon together and go over the five main reasons why men have more orgasms than women:

1. Orgasms feel different for men and women.

While both men and women have orgasms (and thank God for that) what an orgasm feels like to a man and what it feels like to a woman are two very different sensations. 

I mean, they both make you sweat and curse and see the face of the god of your choice, but it goes deeper than that.

Licensed sex therapist Sarah Watson says, "If you aren’t sure, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t having an orgasm. Orgasms generally don’t look like what the media portrays them to be. Remember everyone is different. Learn your body, explore your vulva and your individual sensations.”

The truth is that the range of reactions and sensations that make up a female orgasm are much more varied than those of the male orgasm

You can have an epic undeniable orgasm one day and then be left scratching your head by another just days later. 

People say "You know when you're having an orgasm," but frankly, for women, this isn't always true.

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2. Women fake orgasms more often than men.

According to one study, 80% of women out there have faked an orgasm in their lifetime. 

That means (if my piss poor math skills hold up) that 80% of the sex-having male population is having sex under the assumption that they do exactly what is needed to give a woman an orgasm.

Those poor fools are wrong. 

While there are studies that 28% of men have faked having an orgasm before, even those fakers are in the minority when compared to us, the female of the species. 

Frankly, with all respect to my gender, we can't go around feeling bummed out as hell that we aren't orgasming 24/7 when 80% of all women aren't letting their partners know what they need in order to have the orgasms of their lives.

Let me straight up bust one major myth: Female pleasure is real and it is just as important as male pleasure. 

3. Men think about what they need to orgasm.

When a man has a sexual encounter, he goes into it head first. 

Just biologically, he is more likely to be the "active" partner during the encounter, which means he is primed to do whatever it takes him to make sure he has an orgasm.

This means he has moves he knows work for him, he has favorite positions, and when in doubt, he's got a parade of sexy images stored in ye olde spank bank. 

As women, like it or not, we tend to lay there or mount it and hope that something good happens, orgasmically speaking. 

It doesn't have to be that way! 

Start having sex like a man if you aren't having the orgasms you deserve. That doesn't mean strapping on a dildo (though by all means, go for it if you feel so moved.) 

It means to go into sex with a plan of action to make sure your needs are met, too.

4. Women take longer to have an orgasm.

It takes the average man between two and three minutes to have an orgasm. The same study found that It takes the average woman 20 to 30 minutes.  

So is it any wonder that you're having fewer orgasms than your male partner is having? The timing doesn't sink up. 

If you want to have more orgasms, the key is to change the way your partner thinks about sex. 

It doesn't end when he has an orgasm, it moves to act two: giving you one or two or three. 

He doesn't have to do it with his penis either. I mean, this is basically why God gave us all oral sex. 

5. Women can have different kinds of orgasms. 

Men have two types of orgasms. They have a regular old penis orgasm, and then a second kind when their prostate is stimulated. Frankly, that's me being generous since prostate milking just enhances his only real form of orgasm.

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A woman can have a clitoral orgasm or a vaginal orgasm. She can come from having her nipples fondled or her anus probed. She can come having her neck licked if you do it the right way. Combine this with the knowledge that women don't have the same refractory period as men, and there is no excuse for women not to be having all of the orgasms that there are. 

We just need to change the way we think about women's bodies, sex, and orgasm. 

That sounds like a massive undertaking, but it starts with you and communicating with your partner and your own body. I think that's something every one of us can manage. 

Now go out there and get to cumming!