An 'Old Lady' Asked Reddit Users Why Women Send Nudes — Here's How They Replied

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What Users On AskWomen Reddit Said To A 'Crotchety Old Lady' Wanting To Know Why They Send Nude Pics

It's much more common than you realize!

Let's face it: Everyone sends nude photos of themselves these days.

Seriously, pretty much everyone I know has sent at least one naked selfie over the course of their lifetime.

And that's nothing to be ashamed of!

Receiving these sexy selfies is a major turn-on for men and women alike, as well as a great way to entice your significant other when you're not physically together.

Are there risks involved in sending naked photos of yourself into the hands of someone else, even if it's your own boyfriend or girlfriend?

Of course, there are!

Trust only goes so far, and there's a not-so-little thing called revenge porn you need to be informed about just in case your relationship ever goes south ...

And when that happens, it's AWFUL.

But it's not always the case that this will happen and there are ways to do your best in order to prevent it from becoming an issue.

In general, the most important rule to follow when sending nudes pictures to someone is this:

Never show your face. EVER.

And I don't care how much you trust someone, never identify yourself in a nude photo. It's better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to send nudes, don't let anyone stop you or make you feel ashamed. Just be smart about it.

Don't just take my word for it, though.

The lovely ladies over at Reddit AskWomen were more than happy to share their thoughts when a curious woman posted this inquiry:

Here are the 10 best comments from the users of Reddit AskWomen — who definitely think you hit send!

1. Lesbians are all for the nudes!

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?.

"As a lesbian, it's not just dudes who enjoy getting nudes. I've sent them and have received them but it's something I do with trusted partners (not hookups/casuals) as a type of foreplay. Yes, obviously they get to see "the real thing" whenever they want but sending a few teasing pictures back and forth when we aren't physically together is fun and flirty! I've never felt even a little bit fearful about my pictures being spread around though. I guess I just feel like my exes are mature enough that the idea would never cross their mind quite frankly."

2. Only do what you are comfortable doing.

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?.

"I also feel less fearful in the sense that I'm ..not a child, and am capable of thought aha. I know that nudes can be unearthed in any number of ways. If I didn't feel comfortable or capable of accepting the ramifications of something, I wouldn't do it. I apply that to everything I do in* life."

3. Sending nudes has been around a lot longer than you'd imagine.

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes? 

"Gen-X and Millennials didn't invent sexting and sending nudes. My parents and my grandparents used Polaroids, sent erotic love letters, had phone sex.... Some people enjoy doing it, Others don't, some don't understand it at all. It's been that way since humankind learned how to draw boobs on cave walls and talk dirty. I send nudes because I enjoy the thought that my partner is looking at them and getting turned on by my body. I enjoy receiving nudes of my partner because I enjoy my partners body sexually, it turns me on, and it feels really intimate to receive what is basically porn that was made with the sole purpose of pleasing me -sending nudes lets me make my partner feel as good as I feel."

4. It's a great way to turn each other on!

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?.

"It can be fun. Going back and forth with pictures/video and texting dirty talk is pretty arousing. Particularly if it's someone you don't see every day. I post things, so I'm used to taking them."

5. Boobs are just boobs, after all.

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?

"I sent now-husband nudes when we were long-distance in college. It was fun, my sh*t was all perky, husband was always excited to get them. I can't imagine being particularly embarrassed if they got out--I figure most people know I've got boobs under my clothes."

6. It can be a serious confidence booster.

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?

"It is fun, lets be honest. I don't really feel good about myself so, sending that kind of picture, boosts my confidence. I don't get enough male attention honestly. It all sounds so bad when I talk about it that way, but I am not sure what else to tell you. I just love turning on men with my body, if I can. I mostly do this with FWBs though. I will gladly stop if I had a bf and if he wanted me to send him some, I would do it."

7. No face? Then no problem!

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?.

"I'm in my early 40s too. And I like sending nudes. I rarely put my face in them so I don't fear them getting out. And I don't really care if they did. I'm single and sending them to someone I know is of age and I trust. It's just another form of intimacy when you can't physically be together. Usually we've been talking or texting and we're both turned on. I'll send my guy one to tease him or help him along. Or he'll send me one to show me how worked up Ive gotten him. Some people are more visual than others and like pictures. Some prefer written words. And some prefer spoken words. It's really all just what you and your SO like."

8. It makes you feel so damn sexy!

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?. 

"I send them (and videos of me masturbating) to my two FWBs frequently. There's no coercion, I love doing it. They get very turned on by it, which makes me feel sexy. My more frequent FWB keeps the videos and likes to tell me when he's using them to get off. They also send pics back, which I very much enjoy."

9. Body negativity be gone!

Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?.

"I take them for a self-esteem boost and to have something recorded to look back on when inevitably I'm not as hot down the line. And then if I get a good one, it's fun to tease people with."

10. It's an especially important way to stay connected if you're in a long-distance relationship.

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Comment from discussion Why Send Nudes?.

"I travel a bit for work. When we're apart, my boyfriend and I will send sexy photos or snap chats. It's a nice little surprise that I can send him in the morning while getting ready or in the evening before bed. Helps stay connected and gives us some excitement with each other while physically apart."