7 WTF Secrets Celebs Have Revealed Playing 'Never Have I Ever'

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celebrities answer never have I ever

Bring on the crazy confessions!

By Bianca Mercado

We all have secrets we’d rather not admit out loud, but some of our fave Latina stars were recently forced to spill them.

These celebs played a game of Never Have I Ever, and there were some major skeletons exposed. Bad Bunny might have a case of sticky fingers, teenage Messiah had some stalking habits — admit it, you have looked through your ex’s social media, too – and Servando had to chug away to his sketchy techniques with the ladies.

Check out what your favorite celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba, are embarrassed about. 

Jennifer Lopez
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The "Never": Never have I ever snuck a man into the house while my kids were asleep. 

The Answer: "I have, that’s awful. [Laughs] You have to do it when they’re asleep. You can’t just be parading people. Come on," said Jennifer Lopez.


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The "Never": Never have I ever texted a naked photo.

The Answer: "I have never, of course. [Laughs] That’s too much! Leila, what do you think about me," said Maluma.

Bad Bunny
Photo: Latina

The "Never": Never have I ever stolen something from a restaurant.

The Answer: Bad Bunny takes a massive swig from his glass, as Farruko laughs. Translation: “I have!”


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Jessica Alba
Photo: Latina

The "Never:" Never have I ever been my own glam squad. 

The Answer: "I have for sure done my own hair and makeup for big events. It’s usually when I’m the 'fail.' You know when they’re like 'fail or not fail.' When I do my own hair and makeup ... it’s like 'fail,'" said Jessica Alba.

Photo: Latina

The "Never": Never have I ever stalked an ex on social media.

The Answer: Messiah raises his glass to indicate he has stalked an ex, but explains: “No, I’m not a psycho. When I was younger, 18, 19 years old, not now. I’ve done it before." To which Farruko adds, “It’s valid through love."


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The "Never": Never have I ever dated two people at the same time.

The Answer: Servano takes a sip, then points to his glass before chugging it. Point taken!

Nicole Richie
Photo: Latina

The "Never": Never have I ever worn flats. 

The Answer: "Oh, I always wear flats. Yes, I mean I wear heels sometimes, but you just never know when a Salt-N-Pepa jam is going to come on, and that’s what you need flats for," said Nicole Richie.


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