7 Ways To Get Away With Being A Reallllly Lazy Lover

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how to have sex

Just because you're lazy doesn't mean you're bad in bed.

Are you a lazy lover? Are you a total pillow princess? Do you not know how to do both of these things and a great sex partner? Didn’t know this was possible?

Well, it is. Being a pillow princess doesn't mean being bad in bed... as long as you’re doing it right and know how to have sex.

In fact, being lazy in bed can be very hot as long as you play the situation right. It’s a little like role play. Very easy, cardio-free role play.

Here are 7 ways to get away with being a lazy lover.

1. Be enthusiastic.

The #1 rule of getting away with laziness is not lying there like a starfish. You’re not a corpse. Be involved. When you’re a lazy pillow princess, sometimes the go-to move is to lie back and let things happen to you, without putting in any effort at all.

This is a one-way ticket to being labeled a crap lover. You do NOT want this. Instead, MAKE SOME NOISE. Lots and lots of noise. I’m not saying fake it. Do NOT fake pleasure because this leads a false impression that something is working when it may not be working at all. What I mean is, if something feels good, let your partner know.

Another good move? Grab your partner in sexy ways. Grab his butt when you’re having sex, grab his shoulders. Be a part of the action even though you’re truly not doing anything at all. If he feels like you’re super into it, he will be into it, too.

2. Tell your partner you like him to be in control.

Talk dirty to your partner. It’s a fabulous way to let him do all the work while giving the illusion that you are much more involved than you actually are. Tell him how sexy it is when he takes control. Tell him you love being dominated.

You may really just like doing nothing during sex, but this doesn’t need to be said. No one ever got hard by their partner saying, “Wow. I do not like effort during sex. I am lazy as hell. Yeah, baby!” No. Make it about your boyfriend being a hot babe and make him feel good about himself. He’ll want to keep doing whatever it is he’s doing if he knows it’s making you crazy.

3. Choose easy sex positions.

Now, missionary is the best. We know this. If you’re a pillow princess, nothing is as wonderful as missionary (with coital alignment technique). You can grind your clitoris against your partner’s pubic bone and that’s about it. It’s a 3 on the effort scale.

Unfortunately, missionary can’t be the only position you do. This will get a bit stale, no matter how lazy you are. So, be sure you know a few prime lazy positions — ones that look as if they’re not lazy.

My personal favorite is the open-legged spoon. You lie on your back and have your partner lie on his side beneath you. Open your knees with your feet touching. It’s easy on both of you and is still totally hot.

4. Utilize literal pillows.

Back to that wonderful missionary. Spice it up by using actual pillows. Stack two pillows and put them under your butt. This will make it easier for you to have clitoral stimulation and will take strain off of your partner’s arms. If he has less strain, you get to be in missionary for longer. It’s a win for all parties involved.

5. Use sex toys.

Since you’re super lazy, you have to do lazy but hot things to make sex amazing. Enter, sex toys.

A small vibrator is a perfect addition to lazy girl sex. Sex toys are naughty and taboo, so even though you’re basically doing nothing, it seems like you’re getting frisky and weird. Get yourself a small couple’s vibrator to use both on your clitoris and on your boyfriend’s balls.

All you have to do is hold his sack and he’ll think you’re a wanton sex mermaid. It might feel like a cheap trick and that’s because it is. Who cares? We lazy ladies have to just make the most of our lack of stamina.

6. Help your partner finish, too.

The staple of a bad lover is someone who only cares about finishing themselves. Your orgasm is very important, but so is your partner’s.

If you come first, the first reaction is often to either just be finished with the experience or to just lie there and wait for the other person to finish. This will not work and it is not fair to your partner. Keep up the enthusiasm, use that vibrator on his balls, tell him how hot he is.

Just because you came, it doesn’t mean you’re finished. You would not like it if your partner did that to you, right?

7. Make being lazy sexy.

Getting away with being thoroughly lazy takes more than just enthusiasm, it takes making your laziness an actual state of mind. It makes transforming laziness into sexiness.

Obviously, manipulation is not OK. That’s not what this is about. It’s about stepping into your role as a pillow princess and really learning how to have sex. Let your partner play the dominant party to your submissive. It doesn't necessarily mean trying kinky stuff, but it does mean doing a little role play.

Make your laziness about what you enjoy during sex, not what you don’t enjoy doing. You like slut-worship and having things done to your body. Make it about that. That is hot.