Doctors Are Now Prescribing Vibrators To Some Female Patients

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Yes, a sex toy can sure what ails you.

As someone who thoroughly despises visits from "flow," I've said in the past that I may even welcome menopause if that means I can say goodbye to menstruation forever.

Likely that sentiment is only in the heat of the moment, as I'm pretty positive menopause might not be all that much fun —  given that one of the symptoms is a decrease in your sexual appetite due to the pain that has been known to come along with sex after menopause.

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But according to the Huffington Post, doctors are taking measures to rectify that problem. 

It turns out that sex toys might actually be the answer.

Specifically, vibrators, which can help to fight against "vaginal dryness and atrophy," as the vaginal muscle is more likely to deteriorate in middle age (which is what makes sex uncomfortable). Buying yourself a toy is a fix that many doctors are recommending — so long as patients keep their toys clean and use them as recommended.

At least we ladies can be glad that doctors are just prescribing the sex toys, and it's not up to them to do the trick by hand anymore.

Not only does a vibrator work the muscle out, but it also "creates moisture and boosts sexual response."

But here's the caveat to this medical breakthrough: They can't simply be clitoral-stimulating vibrators. They must also penetrate your vagina as well in order to aid the process.

Dr. Barb DePree, a gynecologist who has been prescribing vibrators for a while, also recommends using a vibrator if you've been experiencing weakened and less intense orgasms, which is another common problem that comes with aging.


If you're uncomfortable with going shopping for a new, shiny sex toy, ask your doctor if they keep vibrators in the office for purchase — it's a coin toss, but you may be surprised. 

While DePree noted that most women are open to trying a sex toy, it's important to acknowledge the fact that not all women will be, and that's okay.

If that happens to be you, there are other options to help with the elasticity of your vagina, such as hormone replacement therapy and vagina lasers.

It's just important that you find what works for you. 

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But rest assured in about 30 years, give or take, my doctor will be shocked to find that I've been practicing for the day she needs to prescribe me a vibrator for medical conditions.

Seriously, have you seen the price of that other stuff?