Listen To These Loud, Weird Sex Moans Interrupt This Tennis Match

sex sounds Sarasota open tennis match

It didn't help that the players were wearing eggplant-colored shirts.

Sex mixed with tennis? This gives a whole new meaning to the sport’s term "love."

Tennis enthusiasts, sorry, but watching this sport is pretty boring. It makes me feel like a cat whose watching one of those feather sticks go back and forth at the hands of its evil owner.

But a publicly broadcasted tennis match that was interrupted by the moans of sex crazed lovers? I would totally watch that.

Last month in Sarasota, Florida (weird things always happen in Florida don’t they?), two men were in the middle of a heated match when their concentration was interrupted by another heated match... of a sexual variety, going on in the background.

Mitchell Krueger and Frances Tiafoe couldn’t help but get distracted by the sex sounds during the Sarasota open tennis match. In the video, you can see them looking startled, listening closely, and then having a pretty good laugh.

The match commentator, Mike Cation, thought that the sex sounds were coming from someone’s cell phone in the stands. He thought that a frisky attendee was watching porn or even had an adult version of a ring tone.

However, later on, he changed his hypothesis, stating that he thought the sex sounds were coming from beyond the court. The players couldn’t help but laugh, but at one point, Tiafoe yelled out, "It can't be that good!" 

Cation switched from narrating the match and decided to give a play-by-play of the steamy romp instead. "I still hear it, it's still going, what is going on," Cation said. "That's an apartment across the lake! Oh my god... At least somebody's having a good night."

I don’t know if the players and the crowd were annoyed by the interruption or super turned on. Perhaps they were so distracted that it affected their game. Who knows?

What I do wonder is whether or not this couple ever figured out that the whole world heard their love cries.