Caitlyn Jenner Won't Discuss Penis Surgery Because Gender Isn't About Genitalia

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Do you, girl.

When Caitlyn Jenner shared her decision to live her life as a woman, it was an important moment in the history of LGBTQ rights, particularly where trans-visibility was concerned.

There was a lot of hope that Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) would be able to use her celebrity to promote acceptance for trans people everywhere.

That's a lot of pressure, and it's not surprising that Caitlyn's more conservative views and PR blunders led to a serious fall from grace.

But, I think, talking recently about her decision to have her penis turned into a vagina and vulva, Caitlyn shows just how much she has grown —  not just as an advocate for trans people and the LGBT community, but as Caitlyn herself, a woman growing into her skin with a growing sense of self and the confidence to back that up. 

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In her memoir, Caitlyn Jenner is pretty close-lipped about her January 2017 surgery to turn her penis into female genitalia. I think we would do Caitlin and the trans community a disservice if we chalk this decision up to coyness, or a simple distaste for talking about penises and vaginas.

In deciding to keep her discussions about the surgery performed on her penis to a minimum, Caitlyn is actually saying something pretty important:

What goes on below your waist isn't just nobody else's business, and it doesn't actually define gender at all. 

That's right, bitches! Caitlyn's actually espousing the party line: Don't let the presentation of sexuality fool you, gender is a mother-lovin' construct, y'all! 

In an interview with Larry King, Larry, grossly, insisted on talking about what was going on underneath Caitlyn's skirt, saying, "You never talk about surgery, why?"

To which Caitlyn gave not just a classy answer, but a fucking awesome one. that should make the LGBT community stand up and cheer. 

"Out of respect. Not just for me — because those things are very personal, wouldn’t you agree?” said Jenner. “And just because you’re trans doesn’t mean that you have to ask every question. It’s not quite as bad as you think, but most trans women do not have surgery. It’s only about I think 32 percent. But most, as far as getting the time and this and that to be able to do something like that — and what’s between your legs doesn’t define who you are." 

If I had a penis, the last person I'd want to talk to about it is Larry King. Frankly, I don't know how Caitlyn managed to keep such stellar composure.

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She has not always said and done the right thing when it comes to being a voice for the trans community, but interviews like this give me hope for the role model she will grow into being. It is unrealistic and unfair to assume that someone fresh out of the closet is ready to be a voice for countless people, but maybe as time goes by, Caitlyn is proving that she CAN be a force for good.