5 Craaaazy Things That Happen After You Have An Orgasm

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Um, what?

When you think about orgasms, a bunch of words, actions, and sensations probably flood your mind all at once:

Clutching the bedsheets, biting your lip, an arched back, the color pink, release, Kevin Sorbo. 

Uh, okay maybe got too personal with that one, MOVING ON! 

While it's true that orgasms are usually something we think of as feeling good, the truth of the matter is that for some folks that isn't always the case. 

These folks experience a bunch of weird side effects after they cum. Rather than savoring the afterglow, these folks are left wondering about the weird things that happen after orgasm. 

Rest easy, weirdos. You aren't alone. If you experience weird things happening after orgasm, you're experiencing a peri-orgasmic response and it's so normal. 

Let's talk about 5 of the most common yet very weird things that happen after orgasm:

1. Hallucinations

Yup, that's right. We're talking straight up sex so good you had an orgasm powerful enough to ACTUALLY make you see things! Zoinks! In a study from 2011 conducted on female subjects, 76 percent to 100 percent noted a flying experience or sensation of flight after having an orgasm.

24 percent described feeling like they entered a "cartoon world" and up to 75 percent said it felt like they left their bodies. 

This level of peri-orgasmic response sounds beyond intense and, if this study is to be believed, relatively common. 

This leaves me with one question: Who are these women sleeping with, and can I have his number? 

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2. Crying

So you're in a stable loving relationship and you have exceptionally hot sex. Yet, after an orgasm, you find yourself sobbing and sad beyond words? Yeah, dude, you ain't alone.

That noise is called post-coital dysphoria, and a study in the National Journal of Sex found that 1 in 3 women will experience this from time to time.

It's partially a chemical come down, your body readjusting to a shift in biochemicals. 

I prescribe lots of cuddles and patient understanding. 

3. Sickness

Have a great orgasm and suddenly feel like you've got the flu? There's a name for that.

It's called post-orgasm illness syndrome, and its symptoms can run the gamut from fatigue, nausea, and a general flu-like state. 

What causes it? In men, the cause is unknown, but in women, these can be symptoms of a semen allergy. 

If you have a semen allergy, fret not, it could be worse: you could be allergic to gluten. 

4. Sneezing

When you have a really powerful orgasm, that response activates your parasympathetic nervous system. 

Since the early 1900s, cases have been reported of men having sneezing fits after an orgasm (sexy ... not). One dude had a runny nose for 10 years after boning down good and proper. 

Doctors speculate that when the subjects parasympathetic nervous system was activated during orgasm, it pinged another branch of their system — the one that activates sneezing! 

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5. Headaches

If you're a person who gets migraines or cluster headaches, there is a very real likelihood that your o-face could lead to ouch-face in the form of a serious type 2 category headache.

Type 2 headaches are usually caused by surprising stimulus. They are sharp and intense. As a person who gets them after orgasm (hiiiiiiiiii) it feels like you cum and then your brain explodes and melts. It's not awesome.

Luckily, it's also temporary! 

There are lots of weird symptoms that are actually pretty common when it comes to your post-orgasmic state. If you're experiencing something you think is unusual, dismount from your partner's loins and get your (cute) butt to a doctor!