Man Set Himself On Fire And Live-Streamed His Suicide At His Ex-Girlfriend's Job

Photo: Facebook
Jared McLemore livestreamed his suicide on Facebook

Every suicide is tragic. But this one was also an act of violence.

Jared McLemore, a Memphis resident, set himself on fire while live-streaming himself burning.

Upon setting himself on fire, he ran into Murphy's, a bar where his ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore works. 

He wanted to make sure that she saw every moment of his horrific suicide. 

It's a given that we all respond to heartbreak differently, but it seems evident after watching the brutal suicide that there were deeper issues happening in this man's life.

Jared McLemore apparently posted on his Facebook that he suffered from bipolar disorder, which may have contributed to his decision. More so, there were allegations of abuse, including an instance where he once choked and threatened Moore.

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According to the Go-Fund-Me for Moore (a resource to help Alyssa Moore while she takes the time to heal), this terrible event happened just after her first week back to work. She had taken some time off after McLemore broke into her home and threatened her at gunpoint a week prior. And all of this came after months of abuse. 


Moore even had to go so far as to get a restraining order to keep McLemore away from her. He was also already on probation for domestic assault, which required him to attend mental health therapy according to Vice. 

The Go-Fund-Me author wrote:

"Jared approached Alyssa and mumbled something about 'goodbye,' then grabbed her arm and wiped it on his chest to show he was covered in kerosene.

He then walked through the crowded bar, making his presence known to all of the patrons.

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He crossed the street, and when he saw Alyssa had walked outside, he quickly doused his body with more kerosene and lit himself on fire, streaming on Facebook Live, in full view of onlookers concerned for Alyssa's safety."

The page also implied that Jared's intention was to harm Moore along with himself, as he attempted to grab her while he was on fire.

And frankly, no matter what the story is, my heart goes out to Alyssa, who has clearly survived so much abuse. 

Suicide is already difficult for the family and friends of victims, but it's not often acknowledged that they are victims, too.

Especially in Moore's case. Even in his death, McLemore abused and tormented her, leaving her to deal with the emotional fallout and guilt that are inevitable under these circumstances. 

So although we feel for Jared and his family, our hearts are heavy for Alyssa and all the trauma she will have to overcome. 

Below is the video of Jared setting himself on fire. This is disturbing, so please watch with caution.