Former Escort Who Slept With 10,000 Men Reveals EXACTLY What Men Want In Bed

escort who slept with 10,000 men

You'll want to put these into practice ASAP.

The question of what men want has haunted women since the beginning of time, or at least, since the beginning of women's magazines.

We are desperate to get into the heads of the opposite sex, to figure out what exactly makes them tick, and how we can be the best possible partner. 

I'm a super-feminist, and I would still be lying if I said that I've never wondered what men want, especially when I'm in the thick of dating them and trying to move that relationship to the next level.

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My relationship with my polyamorous, kinky boyfriend is ridiculously stable, but on my insecure days, I still find myself looking for new ways to really tap into what he wants. It's part of our human nature to want to please our partners, and there's no shame in it. 

But what if there was a way to find out exactly what dudes are looking for?

Gwen Montenegro is a neuro-linguistic programmer. But that wasn't always her job. She used to be a professional sex worker (high-class escort is how most refer to her) and claims to have had sex with more than 10,000 men. In the process, she learned a thing or two (I certainly hope so) and wrote a book about it. 

Gwen claims to have men pretty much figured out.

In an interview with Australian news, she opened up about her new book chronicling her time as a sex worker, and she revealed once and for all what men want the most from their woman. 

1. Vanilla sex 

When it comes to paying for sex, some folks have this idea that what men are looking for in bed is some kinky or freaky sex experience that they are embarrassed of or ashamed by, but from what Gwen's learned, it's actually not what you think. Most men just want something pretty straightforward in the sack.

“A lot of them don’t want all this hardcore kinky sex — that’s such a small percentage of the men," says Gwen. "I was in the industry for 12 years — that’s a long time. But I didn’t see a lot of the men that had these sick fantasies. Most of it was just normal sex.”

2. An emotional connection

Believe it or not, men are human beings with feelings (I know, I'm shocked, too). While most of her clients had no shame about paying for sex and understood that it was transactional, that doesn't mean they were JUST coming to her for sex. They wanted someone to connect with, someone to listen to them. 

“It’s more than just sex. There’s always a psychological motivation for sex, it’s not just a physical urge," says Gwen. "A lot of the clients I would see would be an hour plus and I mean sure, they wanted the sex, but a big part of my job was just talking."

3. To feel "macho" 

It's hard to quantify, but in Gwen's experience most of the men coming to see her for sex didn't just need someone to fuck, they needed someone to dominate, to control, someone who made them "feel like a man" something they claimed they were not getting in their own relationships. 

"They want to feel masculine again. They’re seeking validity for their virility. Virility is very important to men," says Gwen. 

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4. To feel less confused about gender 

"I don’t want to be so brazen as to just blame feminism for this. However, I think there is a part to play where men do feel emasculated. They don’t know ‘should I open the door? Will I get yelled at?' " says Gwen. 

This one made me sad, but apparently, the contemporary conversation about gender roles has left a lot of straight dudes feeling confused about what is expected of them in a relationship. God, I wish I could hire a skywriter to paint the message: "Just treat us as equals and have manners," across every major city in America. Alas, I am a writer and thus poor.

Men of the world, if you have always treated us with love and respect, keep doing that! If you weren't, start doing it! It's that simple. Oy. 

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