Guys, A Happy Marriage Is TOTALLY Possible If You Give Her This ONE Thing


You're going to LOVE this.

Everyone wonders how to have a happy and successful marriage.

We see marriages that last forever dramatically contrasted with the ones that end in a bitter divorce, and wonder how things could go so differently. After all, don't all couples start out the same — in love and planning on "forever"?

So what is the secret to being the couple who makes it?

Is there something you could do to make your marriage a total success, or is it all just up to fate?

In our latest Expert video (which you can watch above), leadership coach Pam Denton finally shares the the happy marriage secret everyone's been waiting for: female orgasms.


Not the kind where she fakes it — but the real, mind-numbing, toe-curling orgasms that rock her world.

And yes, guys, that might mean you have to put some extra effort into pleasing your wife.

While it might be easier for you to have orgasms, it can take a little more work on your part to get her there (a little more foreplay can go a long way to helping!).

But it'll totally be worth it. Not just for a happy wife ... but a happy (long!) life together. 

Here are three reasons you should make her orgasm a priority in your sex life:

1. A happy wife IS a happy life.


You've heard the saying, right?

Well, guys, it's true.

A happy wife means a happy household and nothing — NOTHING — keeps a wife happier than a fulfilling sex life with her husband.

After all, multiple studies have linked a fulfilling sex life with lowered stress levels.

She'll be calmer, more relaxed and filled the energy to take on the world.

2. It'll create more love in your relationship.


In her moments after the big-O, your wife is at peace.

She is relaxed, soft. She more in tune with her emotions and more receptive towards you.

Those blissful moments after sex allow for you to create more intimacy with each other that will last you until your next love-making session.

Added benefit? Science has shown that the hormone produced in men during sex discourages men from being tempted by other women! Talk about a good way to keep your marriage alive.

3. More sex.


Think about it, men.

Your wife is a lot more likely to want to have sex with you more if she know she'll get something out of it.

A lot of women say no because they're not in the mood to have sex just to deliver you yet another orgasm.

But if she knows she'll have one too, chances are you'll hear "yes" a lot more often. 

The power to make your marriage last forever is yours. All you have to do is work for it.

If you have any questions about orgasms, sex, marriage or relationships in general, you can contact Pam or check out her website at www.sacredosexuality.com