Channing Tatum Writes Sweetest Letter EVER To His Daughter About Finding Love

Photo: Instagram
Channing Tatum reading Cosmopolitan

She's just 3 now ... but this awesome dad hopes she grows up to "explore her sexuality."

Many fathers envision the life that their daughters will someday lead. This happens before they’ve ever even come out the womb.

But there aren’t many fathers out there who want to consider, much less dream of a future where their baby girl “explores and discovers her sexuality.”

Well, at least not my father who believes in gender roles and a heterosexual path at all costs (le sigh, I know. I know.).

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We’ve known for a long time that Channing Tatum is not like other men/fathers’ — he’s a unicorn. Wait, no. He’s the G.O.A.T. unicorn.

In Channing Tatum's open letter to his daughter featured in Cosmopolitan, the actor almost unintentionally began with the sweetest sentiment.

“I thought about my daughter reading this article someday. I pictured her in her late teens or early 20s, hoping to explore and discover her sexuality and dreaming about finding true love.”

What he doesn't hope, however, is for daughter Everly to look to the “outside world” to “help her understand men.”

He continued, “My highest hope for her is just that she has the fearlessness to always be her authentic self, no matter what she thinks men want her to be.”

Not only is his letter ridiculously swoon-worthy but it makes you think — it makes you wonder had all fathers been this open-minded and just generally accepting of their daughters grabbing the world by the balls, we wouldn’t always be looking to websites and self-help books to give us insight on men and our love lives.

Frankly, there’d probably be no need for advice columns and such.

Women are often taught to be fragile damsels in distress, and this makes us a little too frail and insecure when it comes to men (wondering where he is and what he's doing at all times and then why he dumped us).

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As much as I love the company of men, I wish that I’d had a father able to convey to me that my own company is just fine — even if others don’t enjoy it without alterations.

And teach me through his actions, not just his words.

My father has always taught me verbally, but his actions always said something so completely contrary. His womanizing ways made me feel as though I could never feel secure with the men in my life.

Our first interactions with a man are those that we have with our father. He's the one who helps us develop a sense of self-worth that keeps horrible men where they belong — and not in your arms.

Our fathers are the reasons we know that a man should always be chivalrous but still open to the ever-changing gender roles (which Tatum also talks about) that women can assume.

Our fathers are the first men who show us what love looks like.

So, I’m positive that Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum will be everything her father hopes and more.

How could she not? It appears that he'll be the kind of dad who accepts his child for exactly who she is.