One TOTALLY Genius Hack For Stopping An Argument In Its Tracks


You love him, and you don't want to fight. Here's how to fix it.

Every relationship has its ups and downs.

And it's all too easy to go from really happy to totally miserable with a few careless words, no matter how much you love your partner.

But how can your relationship get back to being cozy after it's been crazy with fights and drama?

In our latest Expert video, Senior VP of YourTango Experts, Melanie Gorman, asked a group of relationship Experts for advice to help you get back to your cozy, happy relationship.

In the super insightful video above, our Experts — including Nancy Dreyfus, Chris SheaSharon Davis, and Stan Tatkin — suggest that there IS something you can do when you find yourselves in the middle of crazy mode.

But first, what does it mean to go from cozy to crazy?

You ever have those moments in your relationship where you're both in the same place, emotionally, when suddenly one of you is somewhere totally different?

Maybe a comfortable afternoon turns stressed and laced with anxiety, or a friendly conversation becomes confrontational. 

It doesn't mean you're actually crazy, but it sure can feel like it. 

Because one moment everything is great, and in the next everything seems to be different.

That's when you've gone from cozy to crazy.

And it's a very common relationship problem, you're far from alone.

So, what can you do when you find yourselves in crazy mode?

Give your partner a sign of friendliness.

Very often when we are in "fight of flight" mode, we perceive things as hostile when that's not the intention of our partner. 

In fact, the most effective tool might be to write a message!


Remember to keep it short and sweet, as long sentences often get lost when someone is angry.

Yes, a simple "I love you" or "I know this isn't your fault" or even an "I messed up" note that you hold up in the moment can go a long way to breaking the craziness bubble that you find yourselves in.

A sign of friendship and love can effectively break through our walls and bring us back to happiness, avoiding one of the most common relationship problems that tears couples apart. 

Getting back to cozy from crazy can seem overwhelming in the moment, but this Expert trick can help break the tension and remind you exactly why you care about each other so much.

If you or your partner is having trouble coming back from the crazy or any other relationships problems, please visit the websites of  NancyChrisSharon, and Stan directly. They’re here to help.