You Can Pay A "Sex Coach" $1000 To Watch You Have Sex — But Does Anyone NEED To?

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Is this for real?

Kenneth Play is in the news these days, and I think it's pretty safe to say that if you are unfamiliar with Mr. Play's work now, you are absolutely not alone.

Mr. Play started his professional career as a personal trainer. When being paid to have rich people sweat on him and curse at him got tired, he decided to move into a different field. 

Ken is now a sex coach

Finally done shooting Squirting PlayLab with my co-teacher @goddesslolajean at Hacienda Studio! 

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If you're like me you hear the phrase sex coach, and it immediately conjures up images of angry middle-aged men screaming at you to "JUST HIT THE GODDAMN BALL, STOKES" but hey, we all have our things, right? 

Although the name "sex coach" invites ideas of competition and the smells of fetid locker rooms, that's not what Ken's about. 

For a not-so-small amount of money ($1,000) Kenneth will come to your home, talk to you and your partner about your sex life, what you like about it and what you don't. Then, he will watch you have sex, and give you helpful notes.

Yup. That's right. You are essentially paying about a grand (I have no clue if you tip this guy. I might just out of sheer awkward shame) to have a stranger watch you bang. That's hot (to me, anyway), but is it actually helpful?

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I think anything that encourages us to be more open about our sex lives is insanely helpful.

I host a show on YourTango's Facebook Page every Tuesday and Thursday night and the topic we cover is sex. One of the most common problems people share on the show is a lack of spark in their sex life or being unable to talk to their partner about what they want and what they DON'T want in bed.

I 100% believe we should be able to talk earnestly and openly to the people whose genitals we make the sex with, but for one reason or another, it's hard for people! 

If paying a "professional" to come over to your house and give you pointers work, by all means, do it! 

All of that said, I am here to tell you that if what you REALLY want is to inject spice or a spark or some other word that means fire and heat and starts with 's', you really don't need to shell out thousands of dollars to watch a man make his assistant squirt in front of you. 

If what's appealing to you about a sex coach is the idea of someone watching you have sex there are people who will do that for free.

Trust me. Voyeurism is a legitimate kink, and there are loads of people who would pay top dollar to watch you and your beloved go at it — without dropping in their two cents about your form when it comes to reverse cowgirl. 

You can be your own sex coach if you both agree that your sex life is something you want to work on together rather than transforming it into some sort of novelty skill you can get "good" at, like rock climbing or urban rebounding or some shit.

If what you want is someone to watch you have sex, great! Just be open and honest with each other about it. 

Rather than bring in a "sex professional" to give you pointers, why not have a conversation OUTSIDE of the bedroom with your partner about what you guys do that works and doesn't work for them.

Being "good" at sex is totally pointless if you aren't also "good" at listening to your partner, turning them on, and learning to listen to their body and react in kind. 

If you have the money to hire a sex coach and you're curious, I don't think there's any harm in it.

But I also think it might ultimately be more productive to channel that urge to spice up your sex life right back into your sex life — and the people most qualified to help with that are you two (or three or four or whatever).