5 Sex Positions We've ALL Been Doing Totally Wrong

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sex positions mistakes

Time to rectify.

Sex, it's pretty awesome. Also, we need to do it in order to make sure that the human race doesn't go extinct. 

Talk about a sexy as hell biological imperative, am I right? 

When you become a sex-having pro, nothing is more awesome than spicing up your sex life with all manner of wild or saucy sexual positions. From cowgirl to blooming lotus, there are sex positions for every mood, occasion, and level of inebriation. 

While us normal average everyday folk aren't maybe as flexible as say, working professionals like porn stars, we tend to think that when it comes to sex positions we aren't making any major errors.

That's where you're wrong! I'm here to tell you that sex positions mistakes are running rampant, and it is our duty as lovers of sex to stop them in their tracks.

Here are the top five sex positions mistakes that you probably don't even know you're making.

1. Missionary position.

Missionary. It is the sex position you probably know the best. It doesn't really have a lot of bells whistles, but it gets the job done and then some. 

You probably think you have this one in the bag. After all, what could you possibly be doing wrong when you're job is literally just to lay on your back and keep your toenails from digging into his back?

But let's be real: It could be better.

Here's a quick way to improve your missionary sex, have your partner practice total coital alignment.

That's exactly what it sounds like, have him align his penis with your clit and not your vaginal opening. This means he's going to be penetrating you with downward thrusts that come in close contact with your clit making for hotter sex for everyone! 

2. 69 sex position

Here's the biggest mistake everyone is making when they use the 69 sex position:


In theory, practicing oral sex in tandem should be really hot, but theory is different than reality. 

When the two of you 69 you are both missing out on the opportunity to enjoy what you're receiving AND the chance to focus on what you're giving. 

Honestly, I have no hacks for 69 other than BURNING IT TO THE GROUND. 

3. Doggy style sex position

I can't say enough good things about doggy style

If you love deep penetration, balls slapping your clit, and the opportunity to get a little bit rough, it's the ideal sex position.

And you're screwing it alllllll up because you aren't putting a pillow beneath your elbows or relaxing into child's pose, two ways to make doggy style more comfortable for you. 

4. Shower sex 

Guys, please stop trying to have sex in the shower

It is tiny in there, and slippery, and this is how collarbones (and penis bones) get fractured. 

I get it, the shower is super hot, and you want to fool around in there, sure, fine. 

Go ahead and fool around, do a bunch of hand stuff, tweak each other's nipples: but save the main event for oh my god any place other than the shower. 

5. Any anal sex position 

There are a lot of misconceptions about anal sex, primary among them, that it always has to hurt. 

It doesn't. If anal sex is painful for you, you guys need to slow down, add lube, and see what's up.

While there may be initial discomfort during your first couple of attempts, there is no reason anal play of any sort should involve blood or pain.

Your butthole isn't going anywhere. So slow your roll, and use way more lube than you think you need.