What It's Like To Have Sex In The Missionary Position Using A Male Vibrator On BOTH Of Us

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What Happened When I Tried A Male Sex Toy In Bed

Change it up a bit.

By Tawny Lara

My partner and I have incorporated new sex toys into the bedroom before, but nothing compared to my latest dip into the unknown: introducing a male (yep, male) vibrator into the mix.

The world’s first guybrator, the Pulse III Duo, is a vibrator for men. While most male sex toys are designed to mimic the sensations felt in various sexual positions, The Pulse creates an entirely new pleasure experience for men through oscillation and unique design. This technology has been touted as being so revolutionary that it puts the Fleshlight and other male sex toys to shame.

So naturally, as both a woman and a sex writer, my interest was sufficiently piqued. It was with equal parts curiosity and excitement then, that I decided to bring it out one day when things started heating up with my FWB.

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Getting down to business.

While we were kissing, I gently put his penis into the soft, silicone wings of the guybrator and hit the power button. In previous sexy times, I’d use a vibrator on myself, and then place it on the base of his shaft while going down on him. Though he enjoyed that experience, he said that nothing could have prepared him for the overwhelmingly intense sensation of The Pulse III Duo.

We later ecstatically learned there is a new feature called TurboMode (the highest of the 10 speeds) that is exclusive to this model.

The silicon wings paired with the unique oscillation design turned him on…like ONNN. He masturbated with it for a bit while I played with myself and we kept kissing. (For the record, this was his first time masturbating with anything other than his hand.)

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More, more, more ...

Like the name suggests, The Pulse III Duo is designed for both solo play and partner play. After a few minutes, we decided to take advantage of the latter. The backside of the toy has an entirely separate vibration system set up, so I was able to adjust the vibration setting to my liking… via remote.

I laid on my back while holding the remote in the palm of my hand. He kept the toy wrapped around him and gently placed the back side on top of my clitoris (Think: missionary position without the actual intercourse). I played with the multiple vibration patterns while he was enjoying his side on the maximum setting.

He orgasmed within minutes, describing it as one of the most intense ones he’s ever had. The partner option created a unique, hands-free foreplay experience that was brand new to us.

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The verdict:

After using the toy, I cleaned it with soap and water and let it towel dry, taking the time to study it. The toy’s discrete shape is great because it doesn’t blatantly look like a sex toy. It could seriously be accidentally left out and nobody would look twice at it.

Aside from the orgasmic experiences that came from introducing a guybrator into my lovemaking experience, we were impressed with the masculine black and gold box that it came in, and the magnetic USB charger is a nice touch, too. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that it was waterproof, but we didn’t make it that far.

The toy is really that damn good, though, so maybe next time…

This article was originally published at SheSaid. Reprinted with permission from the author.