What It REALLY Means When You Overshare After Sex (According To Science)

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And why, dear god, do we do it?

I once shared after sex that I was currently missing someone else, but in all fairness my partner was demanding an explanation for the sudden burst of tears that waterfalled from my eyes while in doggy-style. (Real romantic, I know.)

And, while I don't think that's exactly what this study means when they say we're more likely to disclose something embarrassing to potential partners after sex, I did learn that I wasn't alone in delivering blunt truths that are more likely to end any "potential" relationship before it ever even begins (rather than bringing the two of your closer).

I talked my friends about some of their overshares after sex and WHOA, you won't believe how truthful some of them were.

Spoiler alert: Many shared postcoital disappointment with questions like "All that buildup and that was it?" or simply revealing that their partner didn't make them orgasm

But others admitted to previously having a sexually transmitted infection. While I'm not sure after sex is a good time to fess up to something like that — I supposed it's better late than never. However, I could definitely understand somehow feeling more relaxed and open to drop news like that after sex rather than before. 

Which speaks to the initial point of the "Sex Unleashes Your Tongue" study — the point being that we naturally come to feel a little more connected in a "non-sexual" way after having sex with people. 

This finding didn't necessarily come after individuals had sex but even just being exposed (both consciously and unconsciously) to sexual stimuli such as a sex scene from a movie people were able to share embarrassing stories or the more awkward scenario of throwing an "I love you" out there for the first time. 

This self-disclosure is our innate way of creating a bond ("fostering intimacy") with a potential mate, increasing the odds of that "the couple will connect and remain bonded for some period.'

So, the next time you blurt something outrageously embarrassing out post-sex just remember: That's your mating call (or something like that).