Here's What People Would Be Willing To Sacrifice Before Giving Up Sex

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Men Would Do Away With A Finger Before They Go Without Sex


As ridiculously non-existent as my sex life has been for the past year or so, I still can't imagine living in a world where I had to give it up for good. And, frankly, in this moment, I'm not sure if there's anything other than being held at gunpoint that would make me place much of anything above my desire for sex (or the promise of sex ... someday).

For the most part, I think these types of scenarios can't really be played out until they happen or at least until you enter a solid game of "Would You Rather?" — which is exactly what the team at Dr.Ed did when they asked 2,000 Americans and Europeans to participate in a scientific version of that game.

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And the findings were interesting, to say the least.  

The most interesting insight for me was by far the fact that 82 percent of American men would sacrifice a hell of a lot for sex — a hell of a lot being one of their fingers — while only about 60 percent of American women would willingly sacrifice their pinky for the promise of future penis (or p*ssy, of course). 

If I thought for one second these men were prepared to give up a finger out of some deeply ingrained desire to pleasure my vagina, I'd say that the 82 percent in question are men after my own heart.

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But I somehow find it hard to believe their strong need for sex has anything to do with their wish for connection with women and everything to do with taking care of themselves.

While that bit of information wasn't all that surprising, some of the survey's other findings were!

Like the fact that 25 percent of women would be willing to give up sex in order to keep their precious social media.

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Or the knowledge that 75 percent of people believe giving up alcohol would absolutely be the better option than going without sex. (Although, answering that question any differently might land you in an AA meeting, so ...)

Who knew a game of "Would Your Rather?" could be so educational?!

Might have to play soon myself!