This Fashion Brand Uses Photos of Couples Having REAL Sex In Their Ads

ads featuring couples having sex


Fashion photo shoot or porn photo shoot? The line here is pretty thin. In a recent fashion campaign from the brand Eckhaus Latta, stunning couples model the clothing... while performing REAL sexual acts. Yes, these are ads featuring couples having sex.

The whole thing is pretty cutting edge and it’s stirring up a lot of chatter in the media. However, Eckhaus Latta is known for its progressive approach to fashion and business.

In the past, they’ve hosted runway shows that were gender fluid and Heji Shin, the campaign’s photographer, took the photos for a teen sex education book.

This new campaign for their spring 2017 line is progressive not only for the sex scenes but for the gender, sexuality, and race of the models as well. It’s all-inclusive which is a welcome change to the typical fashion advertisements.

They used Instagram to announce the new campaign with a fashion-clad couple, one laying wide legged getting fingered by the other.

The photos from the campaign were shot by Heji Shin, styled by Avena Gallagher, directed by Eric Wrenn Office, casted by Sam Muglia, and produced by Frank Seidlitz. Each couple is different and every photo features a unique sexual position.

Examples of the photos include a guy getting a handjob from his partner, a girl giving a blowjob, a couple having sex while the guy grabs the girl’s bare butt, a couple in the middle of anal sex, and another couple spooning while doing the deed.

While it’s all pretty raunchy and a little shocking at first, the photos are really beautiful as they feature actual people, expressing real intimacy (all while wearing high-end pieces).

Aside from being a great way to get attention to the company, the campaign kills it at representing the progressive world that society is working toward in 2017.

All photos: Instagram.com/eckhaus_latta

Just the fact that this ad exists at all seems pretty promising to me.