How Your One Night Stand Can Become A LASTING True Love Relationship


Love from a fling isn't only for the movies. But don't get TOO excited.

Thanks to social media, smartphones and dating sites and apps, hooking up is easier than ever. All it takes is the click of a button or the swipe of a finger.

But sometimes what starts as a one night stand is no longer enough and we find ourselves wanting a real relationship with this person we originally thought would just be a hookup.

But is it possible to turn a hookup into something more ... dare we even wish for ... love?

In our latest You Need To Know video (which you can watch above), we asked relationship and love Expert Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and author who's worked with Match.com this exact important question:

Can a one night stand turn into lasting true love?

While she wouldn't encourage you to go out and seek one night stands in the hopes they turn into relationships, she does give hope to those looking for more from their casual hookup.

According to a study by anthropologists Justin Garcia and Chris Reiber, more than half of those participants they studied who said they'd hooked up before said that they'd done so with the intention of creating a lasting and loving relationship.

That's right — half of those one night stands had the intention of turning it into a real relationship! And it didn't matter if the initiator was a man or woman!

Which makes sense, if you really think about it. 

As much as people may try to deny it, it's very challenging to have sex without some emotions getting involved. Having sex releases chemicals in the brain and ... well, long story short, it's very likely that some variety of emotional attachment will form, even if both parties went in with the expectation of keeping it strictly casual.

So take heart. If you're seriously crushing on your one night stand, don't give up hope.

Reach out to them — there's a good chance they might be just as eager for the real thing as you are.

And even if they're not on the same page, it's always better to be honest. You can't know how they feel until you ask.

Interested in understanding more about why we love? Check out Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray, by Helen Fisher. Try Helen’s website, The Anatomy Of Love, to learn more about relationships.