Naked Man Found Hanging Out The Window Of Lover’s House

naked man hanging outside lover's window

This man was caught with his pants down — literally.

I would say that this man was caught with his pants down, except, well... he wasn’t wearing any pants at all

Naphtal Ngatali noticed a naked man hanging outside of his lover's window, completely naked, and caught it on camera. The man can be seen hunched over so he could hide from whoever was inside the house. Again, he was completely in the nude.

Doing what anyone would do when they have social media gold, Ngatali posted the images to Facebook with the caption in French saying, “but I live where?”

As you probably would expect from a photo of a naked dude hiding outside a window, the post went viral and has received over a million views.

The entire situation is unclear and unverified, but one could most likely give an accurate assumption. Ngatali certainly had some ideas, as he posted, "Who sent you there my brother? He’s seriously in trouble. You risk your life for someone’s wife? It’s dead stupid huh?"

Many people seem to agree that the situation looks like a wife who was cheating on her husband with the naked man and quickly asked him to hide when he came home. However, other people seem to think that it was a teenage boy who was getting frisky with his girlfriend and had to hide when her parents came home.

All photos: The Sun

People who commented on the post said things like:

“It could be a teenager at his girlfriend’s house and her parents have returned home without warning. Why assume it is someone who went to sleep with a married woman at home?”

“Nothing proves it’s adultery.”

“The husband will see the video on Facebook, will laugh 30 seconds and realize that this is the front of his apartment.”

There still is no clear answer to who this man is, what he was doing and if he made it down safely without getting caught.

Seems like a pretty logical idea to hide outside, I suppose. Actually, looking at the photos, the whole situation sort of reminds me of this famous mural done by British graffiti artist Banksy. Anyone agree?