How Often You Should Have Sex To Always Maintain A Scientific AFTERGLOW

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feel good after sex

Glow, baby, glow.

After we have sex, we'd like to pretend we'll feel good forever. But the reality is rather temporary. But how long is not long?

According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, afterglow — or when you feel good after sex — lasts approximately 48 hours.

"Our research shows that sexual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after sex," says Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University. Meltzer is a psychological scientist and was also lead author on the study. "And people with a stronger sexual afterglow... report higher levels of relationship satisfaction several months later."

As part of the research, data was examined from two studies. One study had 96 newlywed couples and another had 118 newlyweds. The couples all kept journals about whether they had sex and how happy they were after (imagine THOSE diaries). This data was sourced at four months and six months later. The scientists found that lingering happiness and sexual satisfaction lasts for two days. That means if you want to ALWAYS have the afterglow? Try to have sex at least every two days. Sounds like a win-win to us.

But what exactly is afterglow and how can we channel it to be better and longer? You might find it strange that as soon as you get into a happy, healthy, sexy relationship, all of a sudden you are getting a lot of extra attention from guys.

It's actually not strange at all. It's called afterglow. More than that, though, it's about your attitude.


"When you are walking around with a smile on your face, that sexy saunter in your walk, and a knowing confidence in your energy, it's attractive," says sex expert Laurel House. "In fact, one of the most attractive traits in a person is certainty. It is both attractive and attracting. When you are in a healthy, amply sexed relationship, you have certainty about yourself and your relationship. And that radiates! Keep up the afterglow even more by allowing yourself to saturate in the after sex moment just a little bit longer.

"Hold the feeling of the afterglow while you go through your day. You can do that by taking notes while in the midst of the act of how you feel. How's your body moving? How do your heart and your mind feel? This is not about judging yourself; this is solely about having an awareness of yourself in that moment so you can then take that feeling and continue it through in other parts of your day," says House.

If you're not in a relationship that allows you to have that real afterglow, then you can do a meditation.


"It literally only takes two minutes. Get in a comfortable position, put your feet on the ground, close your eyes, take a deep breath into your belly, imagine that breath digging down into your feet and through the floor, slowly exhale and feel your heart opening, your shoulders dropping, the muscles in your face relaxing. Repeat that a couple of times," House explains.

"Then imagine yourself being loved. Imagine yourself with a man who finds you so magnetically, addictively sexy. And you find him that way, too. See yourself, feel yourself, imagine his touch, really put yourself in that place where you are feeling loved and sexy. Allow yourself to bask in that moment until you can almost taste it."

Then take a deep breath, hold the energy and feeling that you just experienced in your body, and slowly exhale. Open your eyes. and keep that feeling in your body.

Because you deserve to bask in that afterglow of good, hot sex.