You're Not Imagining It, Sex IS Better On Vacation —​ Here's Why

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Couple in the ocean

And how to have vacation sex at home!

These days everyone is opting for "baecations" (you know, vacation + bae) and the reason why is simple: THE SEX IS WAAAY BETTER on vacation than at home! 

The more obvious reasons vacation sex is better include a boost in your mood due to a lack of responsibilities, and as a whole, just less stress.


But more specifically, it's your adventure when you're outside of the hotel that sends you home blushing.

Huffington Post spoke with psychologist Amy Muise, and she broke it down for us giving a better understanding of the why.

She reasoned that, “Vacations can provide opportunities for couples to self-expand ― engage in novel, exciting activities… This can promote sexual desire, sexual activity and sexual and relationship satisfaction.”

While I'm sure we'd all opt for dropping all of our priorities and taking a getaway regularly, that's not always possible.

But the good news is that there's a way to achieve this in the comfort of your home.

Muise says it's as simple as exploring different areas of your neighborhood or town, or taking a class together.

This makes sense, given that the improved sex is all about you two having done a new thing together. There's novelty to it!

She explains, "...often, it is about doing things outside the bedroom that enhance desire and closeness ― which tends to lead to a greater likelihood of (and better) sex.” 

So, we're definitely grateful for that tidbit, because God knows sex shouldn't only be deliciously good when there's vacation time on the calendar. 

However, I still have one dilemma — I'm single. Feel free to help with that if you know any blind date bait!