5 HOT Ways To Get Off On Your Period — Without Making A Mess

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How To Have Sex On Your Period That Won't Make A Mess

Because you're horny right NOW!

It's no secret that a lot of us women crave sex the most during our period, but if you're anything like me the whole wetness of my bloody vagina thing can actually be a little more of a hassle than my horny little heart bargained for — unless there are no f*cks given — then you're in the clear.

But, most times I'm saying a Hail Mary and hoping for the best since period sex can be very hit or miss. Not to mention, after the heat of the moment passes I know I'd pretty much be seeing red as I try to salvage my good sheets and towels

If this is you, then you don't necessarily have to say no to a good time just because flow wants in on the action.

In fact, this may be a good time to try change things up a little bit or even slow things down. Either way, you've got options and girl, it's important that you know them. So, here are at least 7 ways to have sex on your period without making a mess:

1. Anal Sex
How To Have Sex On Your Period That Won't Make A Mess

Maybe you've always been curious. Maybe it's an impromptu decision made off temporary (but very horny) feelings. Doesn't matter. But, this anal sex certainly an alternative to vaginal penetration. 

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2. Unpack the Toys
How To Have Sex On Your Period That Won't Make A Mess

For the selfless guy who realizes that your being on your period isn't just an inconvenience to him, but to you as well, grab your favorite vibrator and allow him to use it on you until you get off. This coupled with some necking might be refreshingly pleasing. 

Oh, and you never even have to leave the bed! Now, that's love!

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3. Shower Sex
How To Have Sex On Your Period That Won't Make A Mess

High up on the list for those who still wish to have vaginal sex, there is shower sex. This hands-down eliminates the mess and it certainly makes for an adventure, as the two of you toss a coin to see who gets to freeze while standing outside the little spout of water. It should be duly noted that shower sex never happens the way you see it in the movies. 

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4. Try Frottage
How To Have Sex On Your Period That Won't Make A Mess

Get a little nostalgic with some heavy petting and frottage, better known as dry humping. It's bound to make the two of you feel like a couple of crazy kids and even more likely to drive you wild. In case, you forgot this move was the ultimate tease back in the day but it did the trick once and with the right moves it might just work again. 

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5. Oral Sex
How To Have Sex On Your Period That Won't Make A Mess

This is probably one of the most common options and self-sacrificing moves on your behalf! Unless, of course, you happen to be someone who gets off on your significant other getting off — then it's a win-win. But, if you must go without getting yours make sure you tease 'em. Big time. 

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