5 Reasons Why Our Country NEEDS George And Michelle's Odd Friendship

Photo: Tumblr
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You can't help but smile at these photos .. and believe we CAN all get along.

I defy you to look at the pictures of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush making the rounds and not feel all warm and tingly in your heart. 

I swear to you, when I first spotted pics of these two oddly paired besties it made me even happier than I get watching golden retrievers frolic in the snow, and I'll be honest, friends, that makes me a kind of happy that is almost beyond description. 

Their friendship is a delight. 

I can't speak for everyone on the planet, but I for one find the current political landscape, shall we say ... bleak? I didn't vote for Trump, and frankly, politics and the world in general have got me kind of down these days. 

Just the mood of negativity and hatred is enough to get anyone down — heck, it's enough to make anyone doubt there's goodness in the world.

So I take my solace where I can get it, and these photos of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama's friendship aren't just cute, they're spirit-bolstering! 

Here are 5 reasons Bush and Obama's friendship is the perfect balm for our weary souls these days. 

1. It's proof that you don't have to share beliefs to understand each other. 


George W. Bush says he cherishes his relationship Michelle even though he's a Republican and she's a Democrat.

These days it can feel nearly impossible to love and respect someone who has different views than your own. The fact that these two are thriving, cuddling, and laughing? It's a reminder that we are more than our political party. 

2. Because racial tensions are high in our country. 


Even though our country has now had a black president, it feels like we're going backward in time. Black Americans do not feel safe in this country where the backlash to their own movement to stop violence against black Americans (Black Lives Matter) has been met with serious anger and resistance.

That a former president and former first lady of two different races can have a strong bond legitimately gives me hope that we are nation truly capable of positive change. 

3. Because of Donald Trump's constant state of butt-hurt. 


There's no soft way of putting it: Trump can't take criticism, he can't take disagreement, and he can't take anyone questioning any of his decisions.

Both Presidents Bush and Obama were harshly scrutinized by the press and by the American people, but they both handled it like professionals, like politicians, and moreover, like people who understood what a life in public service really meant.

Trump could learn a thing or two. Or three. 

4. They're proof laughter can overcome any divide. 


Lately, it feels like our country, once known for its satire and wit, has become void of humor. Bush has said that the foundation of his friendship with Michelle is their shared love of a good joke (and you just know some of them are dirty).

Without laughter, we cannot survive, and their friendship is proof of that. 

5. Because if they can get along, we all can. 


I hated George W. Bush, but I loved Michelle Obama. I would pick a fight with GW if I met him, and I would probably throw up from nerves if I met Michelle. They couldn't be more different, but it is our differences that make us interesting individuals worth know. It is the people we connect with who make our lives that much richer.

I think that's more important now to remember than ever before.