This Couple Was Caught On Video Having Sex On A Public ATM Machine

This couple's PDA just got real.

Do not try this at home.

Having sex in public is trending more than ever as people are trying to spice up their sex lives. A couple having sex on a speeding motorcycle recently made the news and now, another couple in Mexico are making headlines with their not-so-discreet romp.

Seemingly turned on by the prospect of cash, this couple in Oaxaca got down and dirty and had public sex at the ATM of a bank. 

Banks tend to keep their line-up of ATMs in a secluded corner, so I totally get why this raunchy couple may have thought the spot was safe to do the deed.

One would think that the couple was looking for some kind of cover while they fornicated, using the ATM machine for balance, but when looking a bit deeper, it would appear that they didn’t actually give a damn.

In fact, they had quite the audience but were way too busy to really care. The duo were actually photographed and filmed by an onlooker without even looking up at the group of individuals who gathered across the street to watch.

I don’t know what’s worse: the people displaying their passion or the voyeurs who stuck around to watch them do it.

Their behavior was more than frisky, bordering on inconsiderate of the people who may have been waiting to use the ATM that afternoon. Their lovemaking session lasted for several minutes and, for some reason, they felt it necessary to strip down. The woman involved had her shirt off and her pants down by her ankles while the man had removed his pants but kept his shirt on during the act.

Since becoming a news story, people have pointed out that the bank is located across the street from the Education Authority, leading some people to believe that the offenders were actually teachers, taking a break during a strike.

If the speculations are true, let’s hope that their students don’t find out about their teachers’ banking habits.