OMG! They're Making A 'Love Actually' Sequel And Guess Who's Coming Back?

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love actually

It feels like Christmas!

It's been 14 years since Richard Curtis's romantic comedy holiday hit Love Actually took us by storm. I remember where I was, in college in Tennessee eating way too much popcorn, for those curious. If you didn't see the movie when it came out, then you definitely have seen it in the time since its release.

The touching series of romance vignettes focusing on the love lives of its stars is basically a romantic comedy classic at this point. If you haven't a spent a night (or eight) in front of the TV eating ice cream and sobbing over the adorableness of a recently widowed Liam Neeson helping his young son find love, then you might not be human. 


I can't even think about the movie for too long because I will burst into sentimental tears, and no one needs that right now, not when I've got romance reporting to do. 

Curtis is bringing back Love Actually as a 10-minute follow-up sketch to the romantic comedy for charity to be called Red Nose Actually, which will premiere at 8 p.m. on NBC on March 24 — which is known as Red Nose Day. 

If you aren't familiar with Red Nose Day, it's pretty exceptional even without the tantalizing promise of Hugh Grant being foppish and making digs at Donald Trump's expense.

Red Nose Day seeks to raise money to end child poverty. BE STILL MY ROMANCE-LOVING HEART.

So if you've been looking for a reason to rationalize your passion for romantic comedies, it doesn't get more charitable than that. So if your boyfriend catches you watching it and rolls his eyes you get to be all "IT IS FOR CHARITY, STEVE." 

So who exactly is coming back to this romantic movie sensation?

First off, you've got Hugh Grant, playing the prime minister (tough times for the PM, methinks). Keira Knightley is also returning to her role of Juliette, the object of major unrequited affection. Also on the list? Bill Nighy, playing the aging rock star, no doubt still living his decadent lifestyle and enjoying his second chance to shine.

If that list doesn't already have you leaping on board what say you to Andrew Lincoln appearing in a zombie-free role, or perhaps a delicious dose of Mr. Colin Firth? YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP. 


It's awesome that so many memorable members of the cast are coming back, but I'll admit, the fact that they are doing this and Alan Rickman won't be a part of it is gut wrenching. It's a little bit like losing the acting great all over again.

Here's hoping they take a moment or two to dedicate their performance to this dearly missed actor, even if he DID cheat on Emma Thompson.