5 WEIRD Reasons Your Sex Drive Has Become Totally Meh

low libido

Get your groove back!

As a very horny person, I can personally attest to the fact that there is nothing more annoying than feeling your sex drive drop.

When you're libido goes low, it can be so frustrating! 

There are countless different reasons why your libido might be lower than usual, many of them have to do with common sense things, like shifting hormones, lack of sleep, or stress.

But there are other less common reasons your libido may be in the toilet.

I've round up 5 TOTALLY weird reasons your libido might be taking a nap. Hopefully one of them rings a bell — so your partner can start ringing YOUR bell again.

1. Snoring


Let's be real, we all snore. 

At least on those nights when we go to sleep with a cold or have had one too many Moscow Mules (just me?) 

While snoring itself is harmless, it is LESS harmless when it's a symptom of sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea can actually LOWER your testosterone levels, and as we all know, testosterone is one of the main biochemicals ingredients required to kick your sex drive into "activate" mode. 

In conclusion, if you've got sleep apnea, your libido might be feeling sluggish AF. 

2. Chicken nuggets


Yup, you heard me, so drop those tasty fried morsels and back away from the carefully selected array of dipping sauces. 

Pop quiz, hot shot:

What is fast food like chicken nuggets PACKED with?


What does salt do?

It dehydrates you.

When you're dehydrated, you get tired, you get a killer headache, and, if you're a woman, you can even get vaginal dryness.

What does that all add up to?

A recipe for no sex and possible grease stains on the new top you just bought on sale at J. Crew. 

Boost your libido by eating greens, grains, and drinking SO MUCH WATER. 

Embrace peeing, because you'll be doing it often. 

3. Your iPhone


Unless you and your partner are using your smartphone to look at porn together, there is nothing good your smartphone can do for your sex drive when you bring it into bed with you. 

According to a study released by Bayer, 25% of women blame low libido on bringing their smartphones into the bedroom.

So ditch that thing, or at the very least put it on do not disturb.

Nothing crushes a libido like a game of Candy Crush or all that awful news in your Facebook timeline. 

4. Claritin


Now, you might think that treating your mild cat allergy with a daily dose of an allergy medicine is a small price to pay for squeezing your adorable kitty.

But your allergy meds could actually be KILLING you libido.


Because allergy meds contain decongestants which dry out the mucus in your body.

Think about that for a second.

Keep thinking.

Yup, they are drying out your vagina.

Nothing makes a woman feel less exciting about heading to pound down that a vagina that's dryer than the Sahara. 

5. Your Yankee Candles 


Yup, you heard right. 

You might be thinking that lighting up a shit-ton of candles is a guaranteed way to get you and your dude in the mood.

But sadly nothing could be further from the truth, which is a damn shame considering how candlelight makes everyone look instantly 100% more gorgeous. 

Scented candles contain artificial scents that actually mimic real sex hormones! 

That might sound good in theory, but in practice, it means that these candles are lowering your sex drive AND his. 

So maybe settle for putting a scarf over a lamp or something if you insist on mood lighting.