13 Things To Know About 'This is Us' Star Chrissy Metz

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This is the kind of woman we've been needing on TV!

Chrissy Metz is a star who's been doing quite a bit of rising lately, especially thanks to her leading role in the mega-hit TV series This is Us that has been popping up everywhere!

(If you've not seen the show yet, you are missing out on one of the best things on network television in years! It's on Tuesday nights on NBC. Catch up on all of Season 1 here.)

You know her as Kate on the show, a talented woman who struggles with her weight, and along with that, her self-confidence.

The role is one of the few times we've seen a plus-size actress in a lead romantic role, and Metz's honest and endearing portrayal of Kate has captured our hearts and catapulted her to stardom.

In real life, Chrissy Metz is an advocate of body positivity and an all around super awesome woman!


Here are a few more things you ought to know about the fabulous Chrissy Metz:


1. She's a "military brat."

Born in Homestead, Florida, Metz actually spent 10 years in Japan as a child while her dad was serving in the Navy. 


2. She's got pipes — for real! 

That scene where Kate belts out a tune to a group of senior citizens ... yep, that's really Chrissy singing. 

You might have thought she was in the drama club in high school, but her passion was actually choir. 

Get this: She’s the lead singer of the band, Chrissy and the Vapors. Just listen to those pipes!



3. She’s always been chubby.

"I’ve been chubby all my life. I was born chubby and as I got older at different times in my life I was thinner or more active or playing sports but I was definitely always a chubbier kid," she told Revelist.


4. Like a lot of us, she struggles to maintain a healthy relationship with food.

At the age of 11, she convinced her parents to sign her up for Weight Watchers. This eventually evolved from trying to eat a healthy diet, to trying to make herself not eat.

“I would not eat. And, then, of course, I would get so hungry I would binge,” she said. 


5. Her sister was a model.

I’m guessing (total speculation) comparing herself to her literal model sister didn’t help! "My sister and I have different dads — she’s tall and thin, so we’re not physically the same," Metz explained to Glamour.


6. Her career started at a casting call … for her sister.

While filling out some paperwork for her sister at a casting call in Florida, someone approached her and insisted that she absolutely had to audition. So she did. "They said, "You don’t belong in this town." It kind of all started from there, realizing acting could be a real thing from a small little town in Florida," she said the Glamour interview.


7. A casting director told her that she was “too attractive to play a plus-sized girl.”



8. Being a lead role on a TV show was on her bucket list.

Chrissy stated that this has been a long-term goal for her, literally on her bucket list. She’s been in Los Angeles for a long time, but stated that plus size roles are “few and far between.” So congratulations on marking that one off, Chrissy!


9. You may have seen her on American Horror Story.

If you’re like me, you were looking at Chrissy and thinking: I know I’ve seen her somewhere… but couldn’t quite place it. Say hello to Barbara Wiggles from American Horror Story Freak Show!

In fact, they made her wear a fat suit on the show. She was happy to find out she wasn’t big enough to be considered a freak-show level woman.

“I was thrilled to find out that I wasn’t big enough. It was a first in my life. It was liberating,” Metz said


10. She's in a relationship.

Yep, she’s taken, and she's in love. (She won't reveal his identity but does confirm he's not an actor.)

And on top of that, she’s never had a problem dating.

“No matter what size I’ve been, I’ve never had issues dating," Metz said.  I’ve found really wonderful men, and I do believe that like attracts like. It’s one of those things where if you’re secure and you’re happy mostly, you find really wonderful people who come into your life.” 


11. She turned 36 IRL when the show premiered — just like the characters of This is Us.

People mag was there when Chrissy Metz celebrated her 36th birthday.

If you watched This Is Us, you know that the show premiered on September 20, 2016, and the first episode was based around three people all turning 36 on the same day.

Four days after the premier of the show, Chrissy actually turned 36, and the cast and crew threw her a huge birthday bash that they called “This is 36.”

12. Sometimes the struggles reflected on This is Us Hit a little too close to home for her.

As stated before, Chrissy has always been chubby. Even in her "skinnier" days in life, she was on the chubby side. So the flashback scenes in This is Us, especially, truly do remind her of herself. And it can sting.

"To read those scenes can be heartbreaking because going through puberty I was like, 'I want to be skinny like my friends. What should I not eat?' I remember going to Weight Watchers when I was like 11. I was the youngest person in the damned room and it was awkward. My mom was trying to figure it out, but it’s a process," she told Revelist.

13. She's smashing down stereotypes about the plus-sized.

While so many of us would just like to write off being overweight as always being lazy and doing nothing but eating and not caring, it's not that simple. There's more to it. Like everyone else in this world, it's not as simple as that. Many might not accept it, but Chrissy is determined to get the point across!

"We just want to criticize and generalize and say they’re lazy. All they do is sit around and eat. People don’t realize that food is a symptom; it’s not the issue. Just like any other way that we fill the void. That has to be addressed," Metz told the Hollywood Reporter.