7 Sex Toys That Made 2016 Worth Living

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The 7 Best Sex Toys And Sex-Positive Finds Of 2016

This list is MAJOR.

In the past my annual favorite things list was always a list of sex toys, frequently featuring links to my reviews of said products. This year I tested and reviewed significantly fewer products and considered not doing a list at all as I felt I couldn’t make something that lived up to years past.

Then I realized that was some bullshit.

There was a lot that I loved this year, from products I enjoyed to people who influenced me to companies that blew me away to concepts I can’t stop thinking about, and I realized it was ridiculous not to celebrate that. 

The best part about this year’s list was completely unintentional but is still incredible: It celebrates the work of so many people I love! I don’t think I’ve ever published anything that gave me this much of an opportunity to lift up my colleagues and peers, and I’m so excited about it!

So check out this list of what I consider the seven BEST sex toys and sex-positive finds of 2016:

1. Doxy Die Cast Colors

Okay, so this feels a bit like a cheat as this is the Doxy Die Cast which was on my 2015 Favorite Things list. Hear me out, though.

While I’m pretty sure you’re all a bit bored with my endless Doxy fangirling, here’s the thing: it’s totally warranted. Doxy didn’t just slap some paint on the Die Cast, they made the Die Cast into 4 gorgeous, magical, pieces of freaking art.

The black looks like the badass sexy rocker you were intimidated by in high school. The purple is a fabulous, flamboyant showstopper. The white looks like it was created by the person who invented unicorns. And, the red … oh, my goodness the red! It’s maybe the sexiest thing ever. It’s the wand 1950's pin-ups would have if they had badass die cast wands and it’s definitely the wand I was always meant to own.

I was maybe a bit excited the first time I saw it.

2. Fun Factory Bück Dich

I mentioned earlier that I cut way back on testing and reviewing this year. I also skipped ANME in July, then I moved in the fall.

All of this meant that I almost missed the Bück Dich and what a shame that would have been! Luckily I spotted a picture on Twitter and recognized that a silicone paddle with dildo handle molded in the image of one of my all-time favorite insertables — the Stronic Drei — would probably ring my bells.

How right I was! The paddle is rigid enough to deliver a solid, satisfying sensation with just the right amount of sting and the dildo handle is wonderful for folks who like texture (as I do!).

Also, the name means “bend over” and that’s just amusing.

3. HammerFell Armoury Polished Stainless Steel Claw

The claw came into my life unexpectedly. I was packing to move and I found a She Bop gift certificate that was about to expire. I knew I should use it on something I wouldn’t normally have access to and the claw caught my eye as I suspected it would be fun to use with my Neon Wand.

It took me a while to test that theory, and in the meantime, I discovered that dragging the tip of the claw over my skin felt freaking amazing. Finally, after some trial and error (and an SOS phone call to kink-master Sunny Megatron) I discovered that claw + Neon Wand = happy, giggly JoEllen.

Love it!

4. SheVibe #NSFW Coloring Books

I love the SheVibe coloring books for a number of reasons I will now list:

  • Coloring books!
  • Sexy, curse-wordy, coloring books full of SheVibe art!
  • We had them at the #SFS16 Sex Geek Salon so that makes me smile.
  • Let’s be honest about this: 2 of them are edited by my best friend, Elle Chase — aka The Lady Cheeky (and they are awesome!).
  • Alex Kotkin. We do not say Alex’s name enough. For the uninitiated, Alex is the incredibly talented man behind all of SheVibe’s amazing art and seeing his name on the books made me smile because, seriously, sex geek world, you should all know who Alex is and say nice things about him often!

These are just super-fun and as the world of adult coloring books grows they remain far and away my favorites.

5. Twisted Monk Electro-Conductive Rope

Last spring while visiting Philadelphia’s Kink Shoppe with a partner I spotted something I had never seen before — electro-conductive rope. By the end of that night, I had tried it and become smitten.

When I found out that my favorite rope company, Twisted Monk, had their own line of electro-conductive rope I, of course, had to try it and it is, unsurprisingly, delightful. It’s soft against the skin (because if I’m feeling bits of metal poking me — which is a thing in some rope — that’s bad), conducts beautifully, comes in pretty colors, and when it comes down to it, it’s Twisted Monk rope, so the quality is outstanding.

6. Vibratex Mystic Rechargeable Wand

This is another item that feels almost like cheating. The battery-operated Mystic Wand has been on multiple lists of stuff I love for years, so it stands to reason I’d love the rechargeable version. However, it wasn’t such a sure thing.

Way back in the early days of my site there existed a rechargeable Mystic Wand and all I remember was people telling me not to bother with it because it wasn’t very good — and then it was discontinued. So trying the new version felt a bit like holding my breath and hoping for the best. I really wanted it to be good, but would it be?

I’m happy to report that I love it. Because I know you’ll ask, no, it’s not as powerful as the Magic Wand, but I’m a power girl and a size girl and this has still become part of my starting line-up (ooh, my starting line-up! I should write about that!) and remains in frequent rotation.

7. Funkit Toys

If you get a group of sex geeks together it’s almost inevitable that a conversation will break out about how we would make the toys if we were in charge. Funkit Toys is what happens when of one of us actually does it. The brainchild of Kenton Johnston, Funkit, in their own words, “produces anatomy focused, gender neutral, modular platinum silicone body safe sex toys.” Sweet!

So, my sexy friends, you know that thing where folks spend endless time hyping the one toy they have made, insisting it’s revolutionary, the best thing for your orgasm, etc, etc, while we wonder if anyone bothered to test it on an actual person? Yeah, so Funkit is pretty much the polar opposite of that. Kenton is constantly experimenting, improving, trying new things (seriously, a new design each month!), testing them, taking feedback, and geeking out on making awesome stuff all while acting like it’s NBD.

Check out the amazing selection of dildos, plugs, ball gags, paddles (rad silicone ones that attach to the suction cup base of your dildo of choice and beautiful wooden creations), and dilators (I’m sure I missed stuff there).

Also, because everything is handmade you can get toys in custom colors.

Seriously, it’s pretty awesome.

This article was originally published at The Redhead Bedhead. Reprinted with permission from the author.