Real Men Admit What They're TERRIFIED Of When It Comes To Sex

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sex fears every guy has


Prepare yourself, women of the internet.

Because we're about to get real. 

I asked a group of men to share with me the sex fears that every guy has, and they did NOT hold back.

I definitely expect that the sex fears every has would mainly be silly stuff regarding their penis size or their sexual prowess. 

But I was surprised to learn that for some men, what they fear while they are having sex actually goes a lot deeper. 

Men, it turns out, are human beings too.

If you're a woman and you get nervous or scared about some things in the bedroom, I've got some news for you:

Men do too. 

Here's what my anonymous posse of dudes was happy to reveal.

  • "Not having a big enough wiener."

  • "I'm pretty confident, but I have been with women where I'm nervous that they're not really consenting to things when they say they are. In those circumstances, I've made sure to check in with them and make sure they're still ok. They usually are, but on one occasion, I learned that a woman had gotten lost in stuff and we were about to do something she didn't want."
  • "Being a source of massive disappointment, even with longtime partners that love me."
  • "That I won't be able to please my partner. And yes, the anxiety over this does affect things."
  • "Farting if my stomach is upset..."

  • "My biggest concerns usually revolve around getting out of my own head. When it's not an issue I usually can't even tell because I'm so engaged in the occasion that it doesn't matter, but if I'm distracted or something is on my mind, I start to worry about not being "present" which, in turn, takes me further out and worsens the experience."
  • "Worries about my body hair being a turn-off."
  • "My first time having sex with someone is pretty much always shorter than I'd like. As far as actual sex. I do my best with lots of foreplay (making out and oral). Luckily I'm very confident of my abilities there. And even though part of me knows no one expects an amazing performance the first time, I always hyper-focus on knowing that I probably won't last long once penetration starts."

  • "My refractory period has always been kind of long. Usually at least 30 minutes. So as much as I'd like to follow up with a better performance, it rarely happens with a first encounter (might be getting too late for continued play or something else)."
  • "Just the usual stuff. Doing or suggesting something I think is innocuous but disgusts her. Not being able to make her come. Me finishing way too fast."