9 Couples Share The Sex Position They'll NEVER Try Again — And Why

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bad sex positions

These are just no-gos.

Different strokes for different folks. This can't be truer than when we're actually involving, well... folks stroking. And while there are things some of us love in bed, there are also things others really, really hate. Hey, don't knock it until you try it, right? 

So, we asked a bunch of couples what sex positions they tried and given a fair chance, but had no desire to try again. It was rather enlightening, whether it was anal sex or bad sex positions that were just awkwardly set up and led in the past to injury. There were others that were simply uncomfortable or just not nearly as much fun as they wanted it to be.

Well, that works for us. Isn't discovering what we love and don't love, and what we want more of and don't want more of, half the fun? You never know until you try.

1. Anal sex

"Personally, just not a fan! I've tried and tried and it just doesn't work for me. Or I have to be hammered and even then I'm like, 'I'm prepped for this right? Did I use the bathroom today'" As for why, I've been blessed to have well-endowed exes and it's just not comfortable for me."

2. Reverse Cowgirl


"One time, my boyfriend and I did Reverse Cowgirl after seeing a couple doing it in a porn we watched together. My boyfriend's dick turns a little to the right and normally that's a good thing, but HOLY SH*T did it hurt in the reverse position. Not only could he barely get it in, but he could barely get it out, too! Never again."

3. Ankles in the Air

"The sex position I'll never try again: Cosmo would know better than I the name of this position, but it's described as 'girl lying down face up, with the guy standing over her on the bed, holding her ankles straight up in the air.' All the blood rushing to my head, it's impossible to thrust. When it comes to positions I like to keep it simple. Otherwise, you end up with bruised ankles and an aching neck."

4. Upside Down


"After watching a very energetic porn movie, we thought it would be fun to try a sex position where my boyfriend held me upside down with my head close the floor and he could f*ck me from above. Well, needless to say, those guys must be athletes because it proved impossible for my boyfriend to hold me and then actually f*ck me. He was so worried about dropping me."

5. Spooning

"A bad sex position I would never try again is her laying on her side. It's so damn uncomfortable and she ended up sliding all over the place."

6. Girl on Top


"She lost her balance and damn near broke my junk. I assume if it may have been less than optimal, but I maybe just need to practice that one more."

7. 69

"Sixty-nine always makes me queef. Always. My husband doesn't mind it, but I don't like the way it feels (or sounds) so I'm over it."

8. Sitting straddled

"I hate the position where you're both sitting down and facing forward and the girl is on top, knees bent, feet on partner's knees. This is the hardest workout for me (the woman) and my partner (who is well-endowed, mind you) keeps falling out of me. It's literally in every porn movie, but we just cannot figure out their secret. Maybe we should stop pretending to porn stars?"
9. Oral
"Sorry, but they don't call it a blow JOB for nothing. I'm sitting there getting a jaw ache so you get off and you don't realize you are supposed to return the favor. Over it."