7 Honest Women Reveal What They Hate MOST About Every Sex Position

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Having your stomach flab hang out is not hot.

While there's some things we really like a lot about sex, there are some sex positions we are not a fan of at all. Of course, that varies for each one of us. While I may love oral, a friend may hate it. 

Ultimately, the position you will hate or love is going to depend on the ones in which you feel the most comfortable. If you are stuck in your head the whole time you are doing something, you probably won't be able to relax and just let yourself feel. And that sex position that holds you back is going to vary.

Some people who may have hang-ups about their weight may hate how they jiggle in one position, while someone who is very turned on by being in control may love the idea of riding on top and being on display. 

It's all complicated by the fact that we may not discover the sex position we love or hate until we've tried it. So, some of us have had pretty mediocre experiences along the way. But part of learning what we do love is the experiences learning what we really don't love. And even more complicated? What we love with one partner we may not be into with another.

Sex, like we always knew, is pretty darn complicated. So, we surveyed some women anonymously to share what they hate about various sex positions and they make some excellent points. But here's what we (or the people we spoke to) absolutely never want to try again.

1. Legs Up Over His Shoulders

"While I really love being on the bottom with my legs up over his shoulders, I cannot stand looking down at my stomach rolls. I know I should be proud of my body and I know my man doesn't care, but I really hate it. Sometimes when I'm on my back with my legs up, I get strangulated by my boobs and it's really unpleasant."

2. Missionary

"My boobs always fall to the sides, and flopping is never cute."

3. Doggy Style

"I hate doggy style because there's no eye contact and it makes me feel like a cheap hooker. What's the point of intimacy that's not intimate?"

4. Cowgirl

"I wonder about the face angle. The person on the bottom is always at that weird 'oops the phone camera is facing the wrong way, triple chin' look."

"I hate anything where I'm on top. I feel gross, like my fat is flopping all over the place. Plus, I'm over 30 so my boobs are losing the battle with gravity and they always go wherever they want to go."

5. Reverse Cowgirl

"Eventually, my legs get tired and I'm just staring at a wall, so if I'm not 100 percent into it, my mind wanders."

"There's no intimate connection during reverse cowgirl and all you see are hairy legs and feet. I'm not a feet person so the view doesn't turn me on. It's one of those sex positions that feels more like mutual masturbation than actual sex, except you and the guy are using each. It's so boring and does nothing for me, physically or emotionally."

6. Spooning

"On my side, leg up or not, stomach fat accumulates in the center there. Not hot!"

7. 69

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"It's just too complicated. How am I supposed to focus on feeling and receiving pleasure if I'm focusing on blowing him?"