7 Things Virgo Women Do That Men Can't Resist

Unpredictability is sexy.

Last updated on Mar 08, 2023

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There is something about the Virgo woman that just drives men crazy. Whether she has stunning features or a mysterious air to her, one thing is always the same: a Virgo woman in bed is incredibly sexy and unassuming.

If you already know a Virgo woman (or if you are one), then you know that nothing is set in stone, besides her ability to be crazy loyal. This is true for both her friends and in her relationships — you can always count on a Virgo woman to be the ride-or-die girl of your dreams. Not only does this make her seem like a great person in general, but it is also amazing to know that no matter what kind of obstacles you might run into with her, she will be there to help you through it — no questions asked.


Virgo’s unassuming nature makes her look innocent to the naked eye, even when she’s really a sexy dominatrix at heart. She loves the idea of taking charge in the bedroom, while still making sure you get exactly what you want, too. She also never lets emotions or stress get to her, allowing her to stay clear-eyed and determined, in both life and love.

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Whether a Virgo woman is planning a sexy surprise for you or a night full of romance, you should always assume that your relationship with a Virgo will be unlike anything else you’ve ever had. This knack for being a one-of-a-kind woman is what makes her so sexy and makes guys flock to her all the time.


But even though she can be pretty unpredictable, there are still some telling signs that any man who meets her should watch out for; like a cunning spider, she knows just how to catch her prey.

Most irresistible things about a Virgo woman in bed

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1. She makes sex a one-of-a-kind experience.

No one has qualities quite like a Virgo woman, which makes her a pretty unique person to have sex with. She is somehow able to bring the best parts of herself to the bedroom and make you wonder where she has been your entire life.


A Virgo woman’s ability to pay attention to the smallest details gives her a knack for making each person in her life feel special. In bed, she will take your favorite positions and secret fantasies to give you a night you will never forget. The best part? Even if you’ve only mentioned something you’d like to try once, she’ll remember it and surprise you in bed. Lucky you.

2. She loves to take care of you.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury which makes them great communicators. Virgo women are not the type of people to love you and leave you until they know that they have satisfied your every need in bed. Knowing that she is the reason you just had the hottest sex of your life or tried that new toy you would never have thought of before makes it all the more exciting to her.

Whether she dresses up as a sexy nurse for you or just makes you feel like you’re the only one in her world, a Virgo woman will do whatever it takes to make your sexual experience together unforgettable. While her main priority is to take care of you, she also loves the idea of being the one who’s in charge — which is oh-so-sexy to you, too.

3. She’s a ride-or-die chick.

Nothing says loyal like a Virgo woman. She takes pride in always being there for her friends and loved ones, which makes her the perfect partner in relationships. If she really loves you (which you will definitely know), she is always by your side, no matter what kind of stuff you’re going through.


Virgo women also know how to hold their own and won’t let the little things in life get them down. Her confidence in herself and her ability to be there for you through thick or thin is incredibly sexy. When you’re with a Virgo, you know that you never have to worry about her; she knows how to handle the hard stuff.

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4. She thinks outside the box.

Being a lover of books, art, and movies, Virgo women can easily take their creativity and imagination from the streets to the sheets. Whether she wants to try a new position she saw in a movie or just likes to read erotic stories to give herself some ideas for your next night together, Virgo women love to get imaginative.

The best part about having sex with such an imaginative sign is her openness to try things that others wouldn’t be so willing to do. She is always the type of girl you can express your feelings and ideas to; she will be serious about making you feel comfortable but also excited to try something different with you.


5. She can be both gentle and rough in bed.

You won’t know what to expect when it comes to having sex with a Virgo woman because she always has a ton of tricks up her sleeve. For the most part, she will either be rough one night and gentle the next, but don’t be surprised if she completely changes it up and makes you guess her every move.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Virgo women is that they are predictable and boring. In fact, they are really the complete opposite. Virgo women know how to mix a bunch of different techniques and positions in the bedroom that are guaranteed to drive you crazy. Never underestimate her ability to go all out.

6. Her levelheaded attitude is super attractive.

Virgo women know that nothing gets done unless you take control and don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Even in times of intense stress, a Virgo knows what it takes to get serious things out of the way so that you have more time for fun. Whether she is having issues at work or with a friend, she constantly tries to act like an adult and get things done.

Not only is her serious demeanor admirable, but it is also insanely sexy. No one knows how to take charge of a situation like a Virgo woman, which makes her attractive and the perfect person to date. You know with her that nothing will get in the way of the two of you.


7. She’s full of surprises.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Virgo women are never what they seem. They are usually full of surprises that will make you do a double-take — especially in the bedroom.

A Virgo woman will know exactly what it takes to rock your world and the best part is that she knows how to do this without giving away any of her secrets. Trust me when I tell you that she will pounce when you least expect it, making sex with her that much more exciting and intense. When this happens, just let her take the lead; you won’t be disappointed.

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