The 9 REAL Reasons You're Single

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9 Reasons You're Single-- And They're All Great!
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You're single because you'd rather spend your free time with your friends, not a lame date.

Tired of reading article after article about being single that lambasts your character and suggests that ultimately, you are single because you are completely screwed up, picking the wrong men, aren't doing X, Y or Z to attract the right men, or something else that's totally messed up and indicates that you have no hope and will end up dying alone if you don't change soon? Me too...

There are plenty of damn good reasons why someone might be single and it's not always because you're a train wreck in stilettos. Let's dive in single ladies, shall we?

1. You want to be, dammit!

You're single because you choose to be. You sort of love it and haven't met anyone intriguing enough to give up your precious alone time. You love dictating your own life and deciding what you're going to drink at the bar, watch on Netflix and do on a lazy Sunday.

2. You hate the choices in the dating pool.

When people ask why you're single, ask them if they've seen the scary dating pool out there. Ask them if they've even “dipped” a toe in that hot freaking mess. Ask them if they understand how god-awful it is out there and tell them they should be thankful you're not dating one of these dopes.

3. You haven't felt connected.


You're single because you have gone out on a billion dates and felt nothing. Not a zing, not a zap or a slight tremble. It was completely negligible emotion on all dates. You're single because you just haven't clicked with anyone.

4. You're still healing from a past relationship.

You're waiting to heal before you dive in again. You're still smarting from the last situation and, therefore, you are waiting before taking the chance it might happen again. The idea of having your heart crushed into threads and bits makes you want to hide from everyone, forever.

5. You don't have the time.

You're single because you don't have the time to date. There are so many reasons why anyone might be too busy to get a love life going. Maybe you're starting up a career, getting used to being a single parent, caring for a sick family member, taking graduate courses, or any other number of reasons. No matter what the case is, you might be too focused on other things to put time into dating.

6. You're socially limited.


You could be single because you don't have access to single people in your communities and workplace. Not all of us are amongst a hot bed of singles. Sometimes, love doesn't come because you're working with the same sex all day and prefer the opposite sex, or because all your friends are married and well... you're not.

7. You know what you want and won't settle for less.

You know the kind of person you're looking for and have gone out with a few nice people, but haven't been captivated by them. For the most part, the dates have been nice, but the potential candidates haven't shared the same viewpoint as you or aren't on the same page. You're single in the meantime, ready for the person you think is the right fit for you.

8. You like dating around.

You like being single because it means so many men (or women), so little time — all the time! You don't have to appease anyone or get confined to one partnership, and you enjoy that. You like seeing more than one person and not feeling tied down. To you, that's happiness.

9. You don't know what you want yet.


You're single because you truly don't know what you want, so why get someone involved in all of that confusion? You're sitting out monogamy and commitment for a minute so you can figure out how to "do you" first.