7 Men Reveal Their WEIRDEST, Most Bizarre Sex Fantasies

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Masturbation Fantasies

Yes, some people fantasize about midget porn.

We know that everyone loves to fantasize while they pleasure themselves, but some men are fantasizing about things that would surprise us all.

We asked men their favorite masturbation fantasies for when they are alone having some fun. Some won't really surprise you. But guys are into some of the same things as when they are having sex with you. And oral sex doesn't even begin to cover it.

There's some stuff that may just surprise you. They get kinky — really kinky. And it may or may not involve you getting kinky as well.

Some really like to use toys — perhaps a clue that you may want to try it out in your own sex games and see how it goes? Maybe fantasize about midget porn? Prostate stimulation? A massage parlor happy ending with a twist?

Some of these answers will really blow your mind. And that's a fantasy as well, it seems.

1. That she's deep-throating me so hard, she gags.

"I hate jerking off so much that even when I do it, I'm pretending it's someone else entirely. In order to accomplish this, I have to forget that it's my hand doing the work and go off into fantasy land. My favorite image is not a pretty one, but it's one that makes me come the hardest: deep throating. I love to fantasize that a girl is deep throating me so hard that she starts to gag, but I don't let her stop." —Anonymous

2. That a gorgeous woman is stimulating my asshole. 


"I'm a hetero man that loves prostate stimulation. When masturbating, I tend to use an Aneros massager, but I always fantasize that I’m getting a blow job from a gorgeous woman instead of hand job from myself. I have never used my Aneros products with a woman so that is probably my biggest fantasy: to have the BEST of both worlds!" — Brent, 35

3. Girl-on-girl massages.

"A straight girl going for a massage and getting seduced and dominated by her lesbian masseuse is my absolute masturbation fantasy." —Adam, 26

4. Tying my ex up...and leaving him there.


"My weirdest masturbation fantasy is probably to tie my ex up from a ceiling beam, blindfolded and hanging, do him up the butt, and then leave him there for a few days for my sexual pleasure. Needless to say, he is my ex for a reason." —Anonymous

5. Midget porn

"I like to watch porn and imagine sex in the ways I'll probably never experience. For instance, I'll probably never f*ck a little person, so I really like to watch 'midget porn' and live vicariously." —Jordan, 31

6. Pregnant women


"As long as I can remember, I have been helplessly attracted to pregnant women. I think there's nothing more beautiful." —Ted, 40

7. Making her watch me with other women

"I love the idea of making her watch me with other girls. It drives me crazy." —  Jeremiah, 30