7 Couples Share HORRIFYING Way They Got Busted Having Sex In Public

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Sex In Public


If you fantasize about having sex in public, you are not alone. Lots of us share that fantasy. However, a lot of us have seen that fantasy's realization go terribly wrong.

Some of us have had sex in cars or in bar bathrooms. Perhaps you had sex on the beach and didn't mean the cocktail. Others have gotten even wilder — maybe in a storage closet, their office, or right out in the street.

Whatever it is, it's really exciting to have that fear of getting caught. It makes everything just a little bit hotter. What's not so sexy? When that fear of being caught is actually realized, and someone actually does get caught. Then we'll lose that sex in public fetish forever.

Maybe we didn't get caught but it was close enough. We were heard. We were seen emerging disheveled. Or our sheepish smiles just gave it away. We've all been there, too.

Seven people told us what happened to them when they had sex in public. Read their stories and you may discover you want a new fantasy... or to adapt the one you already have. Either way, play it cool out there.

1. The LAPD flashed their lights on us.

"Many years ago my boyfriend and I were having relations in his car, which was parked up by the observatory, at a scenic overlook in Los Angeles. All of a sudden we heard voices and this bright light shined directly into the car. Honestly, it was so bright, for a second I thought it was God.

A police helicopter had risen up from somewhere below the cliff and was hovering, spotlighting us butt naked and going at it in the car. So we panicked and started getting dressed, frantically searching for clothes, while the cops made dire threats into a bullhorn. Thanks, LAPD!

Also, just because, that same boyfriend's dad once caught us getting busy, too. He was a pastor. We had to have a long, awkward conversation about it afterward and it was awful. And my boyfriend's fly was unzipped the whole time."

2. I was bent over in a parking garage.


"My college boyfriend and I were hooking up in his car in a parking garage. It was California in the summertime so it was fairly warm out. We decided to take things outside and went to the rooftop. He had me sort of bent over the side of the building. I remember seeing lots of people walking around below as he went at it behind me.

Then the door of the staircase in the center of the building swung open and a group of 3 to 4 people stood there about 30 feet away, frozen just staring for a few seconds. Eventually, they turned around without saying a word. The best part: my boyfriend never stopped and we both finished about 2 minutes later."

3. The cop who caught us having sex in public knew my boyfriend's dad.

"The first time I had sex, I was 17, while 'parking' in a remote subdivision still under construction. Immediately after the act, a local cop knocked on the window and shined his flashlight into the car with me scrambling to get dressed. My boyfriend at the time was the son of the local mayor, and I was mortified, as I knew the parents would know since the cop reported to his dad. It was the perfect storm of embarrassing situations."

4. The hotels walls were paper-thin.


"I'm a PR rep and I regularly interact with reporters, including a sexy older journo who I worked closely with during a conference. One drink led to another and some interesting conversation, and we ended up banging it out in his hotel room. I'm not proud of this, but both of us had significant others at the time.

Several months later, one of my friends went out to dinner with a mutual friend of ours who happened to be sleeping in the room next door during the conference. This guy was actively listening to what was going down and could recall more details of our encounter than I could. The story never got out, and in the end we both broke up with the people we'd been seeing (for years!)... and our adventure continues.

The lesson: if you're going to get down with somebody at a conference, assume that the walls are thin and that someone you know is in the next room. Adjust accordingly."

5. We were busted in public ... mid-blowjob.

"I have only ever had sex in public for filming purposes. It excites me to get filmed in public having sex. We were in Paris and I was feeling extra adventurous and also thinking that no one would recognize us if they bumped into us.

We decided to do an early morning shoot. We were on a street where there didn't seem to be anyone and I got down by a parked car. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to give him a blowjob. So there I am going away at it and all of sudden I notice that there's a bunch of people on the opposite side of the street filming something with a Steadicam. I was so embarrassed that I just ran thanking my lucky stars that they didn't call the police." —Julia, StockingsVR.com

6. Turns out, we weren't alone in the office.


"We were fooling around in his rented office space. It was an odd hour of the day on a weekend so we were pretty sure that no one would know... Except then someone knocked at the door. They didn't see anything. But they absolutely heard. And that was bad enough!"

7. Little kids walked into the bathroom and heard everything.

"My husband and I were watching football at a local bar/restaurant with a bunch of friends and got fairly drunk. So we ended up having sex in the bathroom, which was located downstairs in an empty party room. I get pretty loud during sex, and this was no exception considering we were both trashed and no one was around.

We finished up our activities and opened the door, and there are like ten small kids staring at us. I guess they'd arrived with their parents who sent them downstairs to play, not knowing that two degenerates were having sex in the bathroom on a Sunday afternoon. They heard EVERYTHING. We just said, 'Hi kids!' and kept walking, still fixing our clothes."