I Have My Period, But Dammit, I’m Still Gonna Wear My Sexy Underwear

Photo: WeHeartIt
period underwear vagina

I do what I want, and so does my vagina.

Nothing drives me up the wall quite the way "period underwear" does. 

I'm not talking about those clever period panties that actually serve as a menstrual product, replacing pads and tampons. 

I'm talking about those ugly, stained underwear in that we banish to a dark corner of our dresser until our period comes calling. The ones that probably belong in the trash. 

When you get your period, you dig those cloth abominations out and wrap up your vagina in dingy, ugly, stained underpants because you've been taught that you don't want to "ruin" a clean, cute pair. 

But here's the thing, your vagina produces stuff. 

When there isn't period blood coming out of your vagina, there are other secretions. 


The vagina deposits sweat, vaginal secretions, and other stuff into every single pair of underwear you own. 

My vagina is working hard for me. It's keeping itself regulated and clean and healthy.

So why, when it bleeds during my period, am I refusing to let it be pretty and cute, the way I do when I'm getting ready to on a date or just need a self-esteem pick me up in general?

Whether or not my vagina is inside my ugly "period" underwear, a sexy thong, or no underpants at all, it is still a vagina. 

I don't know about you, but I would KILL to feel sexy while blood was pouring out of my vagina. Usually, I just feel horny, covered in acne, and beyond bloated.

If it were more socially acceptable for me to put on a pair of adorable underwear and not worry about bleeding on them, I might manage to feel pretty WHILE menstruating. 

I literally just swooned at the thought. 

If we are ever going to be able to do that, it means being okay with the stains the vagina leaves in our underwear sometimes. 

And the only way we are ever going to feel okay with stained (but clean) underwear as the norm will be if we remove the stigma of menstruation.

I have always been of the belief that if a man wants to put his penis inside my vagina with any frequency, then he has to respect everything my vagina can do. Including bleeding. 

If a man gets grossed out by period blood, he can forget getting lucky.


The stains on my underwear are a badge of honor. 

They say "look at what my vagina can do," they say "look and my body and be fascinated and amazed and awestruck by its power." 

My period-stained underwear will not be banished to the back of my dresser. I will wear it loud and proud as proof positive that I am a woman and that nothing about me is dirty, smelly or bad.