7 Things Confident Women Do To Have The Best Sex Ever

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7 Things Confident Women Do To Have The Best Sex Ever

We gathered top expert advice so you can have absolutely A-MAZING sex too!

As our society grows more open and comfortable with women who embrace and enjoy their super hot natural sexuality, some of us look on admiringly from the corners of the dance floor wondering just how Baby does it so easily.


I'm not in any way implying that the most confident women are somehow better than the wallflowers of the world. I'm just saying they MUST know something those women who are still struggling to really own it don't, and especially in the bedroom.

We asked some of our highly esteemed YourTango Experts to clue us in on just what it is that these mysterious creatures do in order to have the most mind-blowing sex imaginable.

Here are 7 things the MOST confident women (of all ages!) do in order to have the BEST sex ever:

1. Confident women speak up for their needs and desires.

"His kisses are soft and lingering, caresses are barely there and intoxicating, sex play is long lasting and luxurious and oral sex is mesmerizing and delicious and then, in time, sex slowly yet steadily declines and recedes into him pushing his woman's head down to his d*ck after a boring bit of kissing and touching. A strong, confident woman NEVER tolerates such a thing. She speaks up about what she likes, when she likes it, how fast or slow she likes it, how oral she likes it and how often she likes it. This savvy woman takes her share of the responsibility for the pleasure ratio in the bedroom and leaves nothing to chance!”

Catherine Behan is a Law of Attraction and Dating Coach with special sympathy for daters over 50 who want sex but don’t know how to get any. You can follow her erotica blog at AngelsFantasyland.com or get sex advice and dating help at DatingCPR.com.

2. Confident women never tolerate uncomfortable sex.

"As hormones shift due to time of the month or the arrival of menopause, a woman’s vagina doesn’t lubricate as easily. A strong woman will talk with her partner about the challenges and discuss ways to make sex more comfortable, such as more foreplay or using a lubricant. She will also speak up when making love if she needs a little more time to get ready. Too many women believe that going through 'the change' means she’s no longer able to enjoy sex, but that’s definitely a belief worth challenging and addressing. You can enjoy sex at any age! Talk to your doctor, communicate with your partner, and above all, speak up for yourself!”

Debra Smouse is a life coach and author. You can connect with her on her Facebook page or at DebraSmouse.com.


3. Confident women make sure their man knows just how hot he is.

“Men may like bitches but not in bed. So gush, admire, appreciate and always remember: character assassination is not foreplay. Complement like crazy.”

Dr. Janet Page is a psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, and groups in New York City and Atlanta and is available for appointments, consultation, or speaking engagements via phone, Skype, or in person. To contact Janet,or purchase her book  Get Married This Year, click here.

4. Confident women stay authentic — always.

“To experience making love as way more sensual and more deeply connecting with both partners, a confident woman or man will always be so authentic as to both offer and receive only what is felt and desired, and a confident partner will always honor and accept only what enables both to maintain the most loving connection lacking any resentment created by the tolerance and acceptance of any sexuality desired or imposed by the other. The outcome of allowing less to always win is a level of trust and love and tenderness which often results in the most intimately sensual and sexual love making ever experienced.”

Lewis Brown Griggs is a Personal Relationship Coach in San Francisco. You can learn more about him and ask for a free coaching session via his Lewis Brown Griggs Personal Coaching page on Facebook.

5. Confident women are comfortable in their own skin. 

“They leave the lights on. They allow themselves to be seen completely naked; no hiding under the sheets! They tell their partner what they like and what they don't like. They're brutally honest. And, if they aren't confident; they do not fake it.”

Wendy Conquest is a sex therapist and certified sex addiction therapist, as well as an author and director of SACC Corp. located in Boulder, Colorado. You can follow her on Twitter @Wendy_Conquest and find out more about her practice and work at www.wendyconquest.com.


6. Confident women allow themselves to be vulnerable.

"Forget about trying to be confident in the bedroom. What makes sex amazing is your ability to be real. To be vulnerable. To be fiercely present to the moment of whatever is arising. Embrace it all. Anger, sadness, tears, laughter, love. This is where sex starts to get really good."

Morgan Susan Taylor, M.A. is the founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy. As a sexuality educator, sex therapist, and intimacy coach she is passionate about empowering women, men and couples create and sustain an intimacy that is physically satisfying and spiritually fulfilling. Get your copy of Morgan's free eBook "The Pleasure Keys: 7 Keys to Increase Pleasure, Reach Your Orgasmic Potential, and Experience Sexual Fulfillment" at FeminineWisdomAcademy.com.

7. Confident women hold themselves — and others — to the same standards in and out of the bedroom.

"A woman who loves herself holds the same standards in the bedroom as out. She's not interested in a sexual encounter where there is tension around making requests or declining them, impatience, going through the motions, stinginess, a humorless attitude towards missteps, insufficient tenderness, or low-level vulnerability. And, at least initially, a really, really smart, confident woman takes these weaknesses as learning opportunities for her partner to become more relational, and for herself to become a more gentle and encouraging teacher."

Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D. is a relationship psychotherapist specializing in transforming the uncomfortable consequences of being true to oneself. She is the author of Talk To Me Like I'm Someone You Love: Relationship Repair in a Flash (Tarcher, 2013).  You can get a flavor of her thinking on YourTango or on her website www.NancyDreyfus.com.